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HODGE-PODGE [1202] : Unclassified · Multi-faceted · Writers On Writing · Writing Links with a Northern California Focus

NETWORKING & CONNECTIONS [1401] : Unsorted · Conferences (writing & otherwise) · Usenet Newsgroups, Listservs and Maillists · Writers' Retreats · Writers' Workshops · Writing Groups & Critiquing · Writing Organizations - International · Writing Organizations - USAn · Writing Organizations - Canadian (and other)

BUSINESS [1202] : Unsorted · Agents · Book Publishers · Copyright · E-Publishing · Legal & Contracts · Print-On-Demand Publishing · Self-publishing · Taxes

BUSINESS - marketing, promotion, & publicity [1202] : Book Signings · Book Trailers · Marketing, Promotion, & Publicity · Your Website

BUSINESS - submissions & markets [1401] : Unsorted · Grants, Prizes, & Contests · Markets · Scams · Submitting

REFERENCE & RESEARCH [1401] : Unsorted · Assorted Information · Experts · Maps · Names & Naming · News Links · Online Texts · Research & Reference · Search Engines · Tools · Warnings & Rumors

HISTORY REFERENCE & RESEARCH [1201] : Unsorted · Biography · Dates & History · Historical Research & Reference · Women in History

WORD STUFF [1401] : Unsorted · Copyediting · Dictionaries · Indexing · Quotations [1202]· Style & Grammar · Word Stuff

A WRITER'S LIFE [1202] : Unsorted · Book Buying · Chocolate · Creativity Nudges · Games & Distractions · Gifts · Insurance · Journal Keeping · Pens · Time Management & Procrastination · Writer's Block · Writers' Supplies · Writing Exercises

WRITERS' PERIODICALS & NEWSLETTERS [1202] : Unsorted · Newsletters · Periodicals

FICTION : [1202] : Unsorted · Erotica · Fiction · Historical Fiction · Horror · Mystery/Crime Fiction · Romance · SFF & World Building · Video Games & RPG Universes

NON-FICTION [1401] : Unsorted · Commentary, Essays, & Columnists · Copywriting · Food Writing · Journalism · Journalism & Freelance Jobs · Op-Ed · Public Relations · Religion · Science & Medical Writing · Speech Writing · Tech Writing · Television & Radio · Travel Writing · Web writing

OTHER : [1202] Unsorted · Anime and Manga · Writing Business Plans &c. · Children's Writers' Resources · Christian Writers · Comics, Cartooning & Animation · Editing · Grant & Proposal Writing · Greeting Cards · Haiku & Renku · Humor & Comedy · Playwriting · Poetry · Screenwriting & Scriptwriting · Songwriting · Translation & Subtitling · Young Writers

Internet Resources for Writers. Links to Online Submission Guidelines - Agents, Publishers, Markets for Writers

Internet Resources for Writers. The BLOG

Barack Obama:
"More than a building that houses books and data, the library represents a window to a larger world, the place where we've always come to discover big ideas and profound concepts that help move the American story forward and the human story forward. That's the reason why, since ancient antiquity, whenever those who seek power would want to control the human spirit, they have gone after libraries and books. Whether it's the ransacking of the great library at Alexandria, controlling information during the Middle Ages, book burnings, or the imprisonment of writers in former communist block countries, the idea has been that if we can control the word, if we can control what people hear and what they read and what they comprehend, then we can control and imprison them, or at least imprison their minds."

... and an added note ...

For those who have asked and those who may, this collection of links for writers, researchers and the terminally curious is not, was never intended to be, and will never be the all-inclusive stash of every possible link fitting our slapdash criteria for what belongs here.

We select sites with some consideration and thought for usefulness, depth, interest and je ne sais quoi and we try not to offer fifty different links to "manuscript submission." Sometimes we find a really cool site on a subject we already cover and mull over which link to keep and which to set free, sometimes we keep both and add a third. We lean toward linking to cool sites maintained by people we've met in the ether, but don't use a friend's site if there's a better site elsewhere.

We don't link to just anybody and seldom link to commercial sites such as "Learn to Write in Five Days" or "We Will Publish Your Book" unless there is some -- no, make that a lot of -- free, useful content. We try to stay away from scammers and frauds; if you see links to what you think are questionable sites, drop us a line. We may or may not agree with you. Whether links are here or not is totally based on how we were feeling before our morning cup of espresso.

Feel free to suggest links.

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