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Unsorted [/writers]
Nebraska Center for Writers - Jobs for Writers

Scams, Bad Apples & Warnings [/writers]
Absolute Write - Bewares, Recommendations, & Background Check
Wendi L. Cali - Top Ten Things to Know About Contest Scams
A.C. Crispin -Caveat Emptor - from Writer Beware Blog
National Writers Union - Writer Alerts!
Preditors and Editors - reports on publishers, agents and more
Victoria Strauss - Writer Beware - the article
Winning Writers - 13 Warning Signs of a Bad Poetry Contest
Write4Kids - How To Tell If A New Or Small Press Is Legitimate
Writer Beware - the web site that names names!
SFWA - Literary Contests and Vanity Anthologies
Writer Beware Blog
Writers Weekly - Whispers And Warnings
Marcia Yudkin - You Too Can Sniff Out Scams!

Grants, Prizes & Contests [/writers]

•  Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. No fee. $ prizes. Deadline more-or-less 15 April (every year).
•  L.Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest
•  Winning Writers - Wergle Flomp parody poetry contest - No entry fee. $ prizes. Entries accepted August 15-April 1

C. Hope Clark - Funds for Writers
Poets & Writers Magazine - Grants & Awards page
Poets & Writers Magazine - Submission Calendar for writing contests, grants, and other literary awards.

Miss Snark's blog [/writers]
For in-depth information on queries, manuscripts, writing a synopsis, hooks and MORE! check out Miss Snark's blog. Use the search field in the upper left corner to wade through the thousands of posts if you need information on a particular subject.

Miss Snark sponsored multiple CRAPOMETER sessions during which she went through hundreds of reader-supplied samples and commented on what would get a "send more" from her and what was just lame. Track those sessions down for an in-depth tutorial on what works and what doesn't. She pulled no punches but underneath it all was a heart of gin and a helping hand. The comments from Snarklings add to the info-laden site. Check it out!

As of 20 May 2007, Miss Snark stopped blogging. However, she left her archives on the Web for inquiring minds to explore and absorb.

Follow @queryshark on Twitter.

Submitting [/writers]
Sal Towse - Links to Online Submission Guidelines - Agents, Publishers, Markets for Writers
John Gregory Betancourt - The Obligatory Manuscript Format Article
Harvey Chapman - Submitting a Manuscript to an Agent or Publisher
Critters - The Black Hole - market response time data
Teresa Nielsen Hayden (Making Light) - Slushkiller
Larsen Pomada Literary Agents - Make Yourself Irresistible.
Chuck Rothman - What Is a Word? - word counts
Bill Shunn - Proper Manuscript Format

Lars Eighner - So, what does a manuscript look like? - part of Eighner's online writer workshop
Lars Eighner - Manuscript Checklist - things NOT to do
TNH on Rejection - Slushkiller
Crawford Kilian - Advice on Novel Writing -
Crawford Kilian - Write A Novel: an online guide for fiction writers
Chuck Rothman - Hunting for a Literary Agent - including contact, outline & sample chapters
Robert J Sawyer - Manuscript Format Checklist
Marcia Yudkin - The Ten Most Common Reasons Book Proposals are Rejected — and What These Reasons Really Mean

Adler & Robin Books, Inc - How to Write a Computer Book Proposal
Adler & Robin Books, Inc - How to Write a Trade Book Proposal - with sample proposals
Mary Embree - Seven Vital Elements of a Successful Nonfiction Book Proposal
Jane Friedman - Start Here: How to Write a Book Proposal
Writer's Relief - How to write a nonfiction book proposal

Crawford Kilian - Writing a Query Letter
Lynn Flewelling - The Complete Nobody's Guide to Query Letters

Beth Anderson - Writing the Tight Synopsis
Lisa Gardner - Conquering the Dreaded Synopsis and other links and articles
Marg Gilks - How to Write a Synopsis
Crawford Kilian - The Story Synopsis
Dee-Ann Latona LeBlanc - Writing a Synopsis from the Ground Up
Lee Masterson - Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis - Condensing Your Novel
Margaret Moore - Evolution of a Synopsis
John E. Stith - Hunting for an Agent (with Sample Synopsis)

Roger MacBride Allen - Quick and Easy Tips on Professional Manuscript Submission
Marion Zimmer Bradley - An Editor Answers the Question: Why Did my Story Get Rejected?
John Hewitt - How to Write a Query Letter
Vonda McIntyre - Manuscript preparation
George Scithers & Darrell Schweitzer - Writer's Guidelines for Weird Tales - entertaining and useful advice for all story writers
George Scithers - A Weird Tales® Editorial on Sending in Stories - a companion to the Writer's Guidelines
Marcia Yudkin - For Magazine Writing Beginners: Smart Moves for Breaking In

Markets [/writers]
Absolute Write - Markets Online
Sal Towse - Links to Online Submission Guidelines - Agents, Publishers, Markets for Writers
Craigslist - search for jobs in market areas: Boston, SF, NY &c.
Jacqui Bennett - Writers Bureau Market Lists - UK
Sarah Brand - Speculative Fiction Markets Cheat Sheet
Burry Man's Writing Center - Fiction & Poetry links and more
Dan Case - Writing for Dollars - markets
Ralan Conley - Market Lists: SF & Humor
Duotrope - fee-based market listing. Free trial followed by $5/mo fee.
Dark Echo - Links to Horror Market Resources
Freelance Writing - Guidelines Database and more
Caren Gussoff - Lit Fic Mags for Spec Fic Writers 101: Five Things You have To Know
Christopher Holliday - The Market List - for Genre Fiction Writers
Angela Hoy - - markets & more
Mary Soon Lee - Speculative Fiction Markets
Mary Anne Mohanraj - Literary Markets
Nebraska Center for Writers -Literary Magazines
Kathy Ptacek - Gila Queen's Guide to Markets - articles, resources and subscription e-mail'd markets updates
Speculative Fiction Resources
Sunoasis - Writer's Guide to Finding Jobs Online tutorial
Meg Weaver - Wooden Horse Publishing - a markets resource, not a publisher, despite the name
Writers Write - Paying Markets

dmoz - List of E-zine Directories
dmoz - Online Literary Magazines
Samir Husni - Mr. Magazine's magazine list
Media UK Directory
Random House - An Index of Literary Magazines
SFWA - List of "pro" Markets
Marcia Yudkin - Finding Hidden Markets
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