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Your Website [/writers]
Moira Allen - Do You Need an Author Website?
Lisa Binion -Creating an author Web site
Mary Anne Mohanraj - How to Set Up Your Own Web Page
C.S. Paquin - Do Writers Need Web Sites?
Aneeta Sundararaj - Do Authors Need a Website?
Victoria Strauss -
Building a Writer's Website: why should a writer have a website?
Sal Towse - Building a Simple Website
Sal Towse - Please, no dancing raisins ...
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson - Web Marketing Today - newsletter & more

Book Signings [/writers]
Dr. Judith Briles - Strength in Numbers at Signings
Jo Condrill - 5 Reasons Not to do a Book Signing
MaryJanice Davidson - How to Have a Successful Book Signing
Tod Goldberg - Anatomy of A Successful Book Signing or Reading
Kim Headlee - Keeping Up Appearances: Tips and Tricks for Book Signings
Larry James - 40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an EVENT!!
JA Konrath - How to do Drive-By Book Signings & five other book promotion tips
Rickey Pittman - How to Get Book Signings in Bookstores
Penny Warner - The Glamorous Booksigning Life

Book Trailers [/writers]
Book Trailer - The New Book Cover?
Book Trailers on Squidoo
Drs Cavanaugh - Making a Video Book Talk with Microsoft Photo Story
Brenda Coulter - How to Make A Book Trailer
Diane Craver - Book Videos Sell Books: How to Make Them
Making Book Trailers with Photo Story 3 (free download from Microsoft)
Robin Mizell - Book Video Trailers
Michelle Pillow - How to Make Book Videos: The Basics
Patrice-Anne Rutledge - Three Favorite Ways to Promote Your Video Book Trailer
Donna Lea Simpson - How to Create a Video Ad for Your Novel

Marketing / Publicity / Promotion [/writers]
Bill Adler, Jr - How to Promote Your Book
Judith Appelbaum - Sensible Solutions for Getting Happily Published
Pamela Britton - Promotion Checklist
Robin Bartlett - Buzz-Marketing Tips
Gebbie Inc - PR 101
Seth Godin - blog from the master of self-promotion [BLOG]
Jim Hopkins - Get your business noticed without going broke
Carolyn Howard Johnson - 16 Ways To Get Free Publicity
Carolyn Howard Johnson - 15 Commandments for Getting FREE Publicity
JA Konrath - Self Promotion For Writers
John Kremer - Book Marketing - loads of useful marketing information, tips, resources, newsletter
Midwest Book Review - Free Publicity for your Book
Robin Mizell - Publicity Tips for Book Authors
Muderati: Mysteries, Murder and Marketing [BLOG]
ParaPublishing - Marketing, Promoting & Distributing Your Books
Joanna Penn - Links to articles on Marketing Your Book
Lida Quillen - Promotion for your speculative novel
Susan Salzman Raab - To Market column
MJ Rose - Buzz, Balls & Hype[BLOG]
Marilyn Ross - Book Marketing Secrets for Trade-Published Authors
Joan Stewart - The Publicity Hound's Blog [BLOG]
Bill Stoller - Publicity Insider
Bill Stoller - Bill's Hand-Picked Publicity & Internet Marketing Links
Cecilia Tan - Get the Word Out: Publicity from Scratch
Sunil Tanna - E-book Marketing and Promotion Made Easy
Lorna Tedder - Book Promotion Countdown Checklist
Patrika Vaughn - Free Publicity for Your Book
Penny Warner - Getting Booked and Printed: Tips on Promotion
Writing World - Promoting Your Writing - links to articles on book promotion and media appearances.
Marcia Yudkin - Marketing Advice
Marcia Yudkin - Publicity Ideas
Marcia Yudkin - The Publicity FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Media Coverage

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