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Unsorted [/writers]

Screenwriting / Scriptwriting [/writers] - screenwriting links
American Screenwriters Association
Jeff Beres - Horror Screenwriter's Page
Creative Screenwriting
Daily Script - "a collection of movie scripts and screenplays"
Diagnosis Murder - Bible - writers guidelines [PDF] (a sample "Bible")
Done Deal: script sales - tons of useful information
Done Deal - Examples - contracts, coverage, outlines, treatments, releases &c.
DV Cafe - Links to Screenwriting Sites
DV Shop - Links to Television Production Resources
Alex Epstein - Crafty Screenwriting
Film Underground - "Instruction, tips, advice, techniques on how to make, produce, direct, shoot, light and edit"
Julian Friedmann - ScriptWriter Magazine - "insider knowledge and networking"
Michael Hauge - Screenplay Mastery - columns
Bill Martell - Script Secrets - juicy info. message bds. script tips.
Robert McKee - Resources - for Screenwriters, TV Writers, Industry Professionals, etc.
Craig Mazin & Ted Elliott - The Artful Writer - info, theory, debate for the professional screenwriter
misc.writing.screenplays.moderated FAQ
misc.writing.screenplays FAQ
misc.writing.screenplays.moderated FAQ
m.w.s -Most Common Screenwriting Mistakes
Tony Palermo - RuyaSonic - Writing, scoring, sound effects, production. Telling stories with sound.
Barry Pearson - Screenplay Craft and more, including links
John Rogers - Writing: TV Jargon Preservation 1
John Rogers - Writing: TV Jargon Preservation 2
John Rogers - Writing: TV Jargon Preservation 3
John Rogers - Writing: TV Jargon Preservation 4
SAG Watch blog. Observing the SAG and its management
SCRNWRIT listserv
Script magazine
Script Magazine - Events
Screenwriter's Utopia - scripts, articles, forums, more.
Script Nurse - Articles on Screenwriting
Scriptwriters Network Larry Brody's guide to writing for the medium everyone loves to hate
Rich Wilson - Screenwriting FAQ files
Rich Wilson -- Writing for Film/Video/Audio/Interactive Multimedia
Wisconsin Screenwriter's Forum
Lenore Wright - Screenwriter's Web - Script Marketing Advice
Writers Guild of America, west
Writers Guild of America,east
WGA - 2004 Collective Bargaining Agreement. 2008 MBA will be uploaded soon [06Feb2009]
WGA - Screen Credits Manual
WGAw - Signatory Agents and Agencies
Yahoo! - Screenwriting links

Humor & Comedy [/writers]
Writers With Humor Discussion List
David Zucker - The ZAZ Comedy Glossary
Search Google: humor writer guidelines
Search Google: comedy writer guidelines
Ralan Conley - Check out Humor markets

Playwriting [/writers]
Aisle Say - the Internet magazine of stage reviews and opinion
American Association of Community Theatre
AmericanTheater Web - headlines & community: database of over 3K theaters and over 7K productions
Burry Man Writers Center - Playwriting & Theater Resources
Craig Abernethy's 'Info useful to playwrights'
Drama Workshop
Dramatists Guild of America
Playbill Online
Playscripts, Inc - new plays. script samples online for free
Playwrights' Cafe - also meets "live" in Berkeley, CA
Jon Dorf -
Playwriting Basics
Linda Eisenstein - Practical Playwriting - excerpts - "the most comprehensive Catalogue of Plays and Musicals in the world"

Children's Writers' Resources [/writers]
Theresa Brandon - The Drawing Board - for illustrators
JacketFlag - "the world's most comprehensive children's book resource and social networking web site for people in the children's book industry."
Sandy Cook - Colossal Directory of Childrens' Publishers
Children's Writers and Illustrators - Yahoo! group
Anna Grossnickle Hines - Articles, &c
Pat Marcello - Write On! - Information and inspiration
PictureBook - the online resource for children's illustrators, publishers, ...
Bethany Roberts - Children's Writing Resources
Margaret Shauers - Children's Writers Marketplace
Aaron Shepard - Kidwriting Page
Cynthia Leitich Smith - Children's & Young Adult Literature Resources
Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
Harold D. Underdown's Purple Crayon - Information about Writing, Illustrating, and Publishing Children's Books
The Word Pool - Writing for Children
Write4Kids - Children's Writing SuperSite
Write4Kids - Children's Book Insider Message Board
Jane Yolen - For Writers
Jane Yolen - Myths Writing Workshop

Comics, Cartooning & Animation [/writers]
Scott Adams - How To Become A Cartoonist
Bill Watterson - The Cheapening of Comics
The Twitter Comics and Cartoons group
National Cartoonists Society
Protooner -- Links to Resources
Tribune Media Services - submission information for comics, columns, crosswords
Universal Press Syndicate - submission guidelines
Comics Resources
Amazing Animation Lessons on the Web
WGA - Links and information for animation writers
Marc Spess - The Stop Motion Animation How-To Page - message bds, more.
ARG! Cartoon Animation - loads of information
Animation World Magazine
Gene Deitch - How to Succeed In Animation
DMOZ -Comics - Resources -Animation - Guide: Adrien-Luc Sanders
Comics-Pro - Web site for mailing list
Comics-Pro -FAQs
Big Cartoon Database - "ultimate online animation list"
The Comics Journal
Comics Media Archives
Dave Law - Creating Comics
The Daily Cartoonist: the source for industry news for the professional cartoonist
Grand Comic Book Database - creator credits * story details * other useful information
Xeric Foundation - financial assistance to committed, self-publishing comic book creators
Don Markstein - Toonopedia

Anime/Manga [/writers]
Anime & Manga Tutorials
1-2-3 Bishougo - Manga drawing tips for people with no talent anime & manga resource links
How To Draw Anime Webring
How To Draw Manga
Manga tutorials
Online Manga University
rec.arts.manga manga resources
Anime & manga resources
Patrick Shettlesworth (Polykarbon) - Get started in anime/manga

Poetry [/writers]
Able Muse - Eratosphere Poetry & Writing Workshops - Poetry
Academy of American Poets - Writing, craft & links for poets
Jane Reichhold - AHA! Poetry
Links to poetry and more from Billy Collins
Drowning Man -Poetry Markets - Most contain guidelines
Neile Graham - Advice On How To Sell Poetry
H. T. Kirby - Poetry, Meter, Form and Rhythm
Poetry-Free-For-All - A community for serious critique
Poetry Portal
Poetry Society of America - Links for poets - journals, publishers, more
George Puttenham - The Art of English Poesie (1589)
Robert G. Shubinski - Glossary of Poetic Terms
Robert G. Shubinski - Examples of Poetic Terms
Yahoo! - ThePoetryCafe - not archived
Sonnet Central
The Sonnet Board
Bruce Tindall - Poetry and Poetics Resources
Winning Writers - quality resources for poets and writers
Winning Writers - 13 Warning Signs of a Bad Poetry Contest

Haiku & Renku [/writers]
Haiku Society of America
World Haiku Club
AHA! Poetry - Haiku articles and links
George Marsh - Haiku tutorial and "how to teach"
Modern Haiku magazine
Ray Rasmussen - Stunning photographs and Haiku
Ray Rasmussen - Haiku Dreamworks - authors' haiku reflections
Ray Rasmussen art and haiku - This haiku by Billie Wilson never fails to stop me in my tracks.
Timothy Russell -One Exercise - haiku
Simply Haiku magazine
Harsangeet Kaur Bhullar - Sangeet's Haiku and Poetry Corner
Haiku and related forms
John E. Carley - A Brief Introduction to Renku Composition
William J Higginson - Renku Home
William J Higginson & Tadashi Kondō - Shorter Renku

Greeting Cards [/writers]
Shery Ma Belle Arrieta - Write (And Draw) Your Way To The Greeting Card Genre Success!
Greeting Card Association
Carol Eannarino You Can Make Money Writing Greeting Cards
Sandra Miller-Louden - Greeting Card Writing DOT Com
Sandra Miller-Louden - Tipsheet: Greeting Card Writing Information
Karen Moore -Getting Your Greeting Card Line to Market - Links to Greeting Card Companies - Greeting Card Publishing

Songwriting [/writers]
Jeff Mallett - - articles, links, contests, more
Songwriters Resource Network
Jodi Krangle - The Muse's Muse - articles, links, message boards

Young Writers [/writers]
American Press Institute - High School Journalism
DMOZ - Creative Writing for Teens
Yvonne Ventresca Resources for Young Writers
Angela Giles Klocke & son, Scott D. Warren - So You Want To Be A Writer?
John Scalzi - 10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing
Stone Soup - paying market for writers 13 and under
Online Opportunities for Young Writers
Children's Literature Web Guide - Markets for Young Writers

Christian writers [/writers]
ACRW - American Christian Fiction Writers
ACW - American Christian Writers
Association of Christian Writers [UK]
Christian Fiction Factor
Christian Writers Fellowship International
CWG - Christian Writers' Group
Sally Stuart - Christian Writers' Market Guide
Sally Stuart - Christian Writers' Marketplace [BLOG]
InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship (Canada)
Christian Writing Markets
FaithWriters: the HOME for Christian writers!
Write to Inspire - Pursuing the Passion for Writing & God!

Writing Business Plans &c. [/writers]
How to write a business plan
C.E. Yandle - How to write a business plan
Business Plan Samples, Software, and Strategy - terrific links and articles - Writing Business Proposals - Writing a Business Plan
Klariti - Articles on Business Writing - proposals, tutorials, checklists
Klariti - Checklist for Writing Business Proposals (RFPs)
Planware - Writing a Business Plan
Small OPEN Forum (AmEx) - How to write a Business Plan - and more small business FAQs
U.S. Small Business Administration

Grant & Proposal Writing [/writers] - Grant Writing
Prof. Ellen Barrett - Hints for Writing Successful NIH grants (1995)
David Bauer - Grant Seeking Primer
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) - Developing and Writing Grant Proposals
Corporation for Public Broadcasting - Grant Proposal Writing Tips
The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center - Learning Lab - wonderful resources
Fundsnet Online Services - Fundraising & Grantwriting Resources
GrantSpace - resources for non-profits
Deborah Kluge - Grant Resources
Michigan State University - Grants and Related Resources - five-star collection of links
National Institutes of Health - Grant Writing Tips Sheets
Nonprofit Web - Free Grant Writing Resources
Purdue/EPA - Grant Writing Tutorial - for environmental-oriented development grants [PDF]
Ryerson University - Grant Writing Resources - with a Canadian slant
SchoolGrants - Grant-writing Tips
Kathy Schrock - Guide for Educators - Business Sources, Grants, Fundraising
Science Magazine - How To Get Funding
Sylvie - Grant Writing Tips
Don Thackrey (UMich) - Proposal Writer's Guide
USC - Best of the Web for Grant Writers
Univ of Wisconsin Madison -Grants Information Center
UW-Madison - Grant Proposal Writing

Search Web using search field: "grant writing"

Editing [/writers]
American Copy Editors Society
for more copyediting links see Word Stuff | Copyediting
Jean Weber - Technical Editors Eyrie - Resources for technical editors in Australia (and elsewhere)
The Electric Editors
Society of Editors (UK)
Editors' Association of Canada
Editors' Association of Canada - mailing lists for editors and others
Society of Editors (Queensland) w/ link to other Australian and international organizations
Editor & Publisher online
Yahoo! groups for editors
see also editor organizations in USAn writing organizations

Translation & Subtitling [/writers]
Jan Ivarsson: Trans-Edit - Subtitling and Translation - Resources
Anna Mazzoldi - A collection of useful links and resources for translators - also in Italian
Barbara Schwarz - Translation in a Confined Space: Film Sub-titling with special reference to Dennis Potter’s "Lipstick on Your Collar"
Translation Journal - A Publication for Translators by Translators about Translators and Translation

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