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Unsorted [/writers]
Free Printable Calendar Templates - formatted Microsoft Word ®
Chad Adam's PocketMod - fed up with that folded paper you keep in your back pocket? You'll love PocketMod. Terrific app!

Writers' Supplies [/writers]
Aaron Brothers - art supplies & more
Artist & Craftsman Supply - a favorite art store in SF, CA. (also seventeen other locations plus Web orders)
Dick Blick - art supplies
FLAX - art supplies, paper & more - art supplies, paper, pens, &c.
MisterArt - discount art, craft, paper, pens.
Pearl - "the world's largest discount art supplier"
Vickerey - journals, art supplies, sketchbooks, &c.

At-A-Glance - Planners
DayRunner - Planners and accessories
Day-Timer - Personal organizers and planners
Exaclair, Inc. - the exclusive U.S. distributor of Clairefontaine, Exacompta, Rhodia, Quo Vadis, &c.
Filofax - Organizers, calendars
Vickerey Moleskine Datebooks (& more!)

Brass Pack - packing supplies
Earthly Charms - custom promotional items
Gaylord - Archival and library supplies
iPrint - business * stationery * promotion
Kate's Paperie - paper and much more!
Levenger. Tools for Serious Readers - and writers too.
Lizell - redefining your work space: includes pens, furniture, lighting.
New York Public Library Shop - "pens, pencils, journals, notecards, & more"
Office Depot - office supplies
Office Max - office supplies
Papyrus Place - "The Writer's Supply Service Catalog" - labels·mailers·paper·envelopes
Quill - supplies & printing
Quincy - journals, toys, pens, paper.
Staples - office supplies

Pens [/writers]
alt.collecting.pens-pencils - Burton Janz' unofficially official Fountain Pen FAQ
Pen Central - a clearinghouse for information about fountain pens
Rick Conner - Penoply - a fountain pen Web site
Sam Fiorella & Frank Fiorella - Pendemonium
The Fountain Pen Network
Glenn Marcus - Fountain Pens, Inks, more.
JetPens - Japanese pens and more ...
John Mottishaw - Classic Fountain Pens Inc
David Nishimura - Vintage Pens and Writing Equipment
Lih-Tah Wong - Parker 75
Eskesen - home of the original floating action pen
The Space Store - Fisher Space pens and more
Chuck Swisher - Swisher Pens
World Lux - good selection of pens

Book Buying [/writers] - 100 million books: used, new, rare, OP
Powell's - Portland, OR. "the largest used & new bookstore in the world"
Book Passage - Corte Madera, CA & the Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA. - reviews of New Good Stuff and Great Old Stuff
New York Times - Books
San Francisco Chronicle - Books

Chocolate [/writers]
Most if not all of these vendors mailorder

Le Belge Chocolatier - gourmet chocolates and truffles. Novato, CA
LA Burdick - Handmade Chocolate - Walpole, NH
Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut - Canada & USA
Candinas Chocolates Verona, WI
Chocolatas - Vancouver, BC (and Abbotsford, BC, and on-line)
Chocolat Michel Cluizel - Paris.
Richard Donnelly Chocolates - Santa Cruz, CA. Donnelly is a chocolate wizard.
Chocolates El Rey - Venezuela, TX, elsewhere.
Sweet on Vermont - Burlington, VT. Sugar-free too.
Lake Champlain Chocolates - Burlington, VT. Preservative-free and Kosher-certified.
Recchiuti Confections - SF, CA
Michel Richart - Richart Chocolates - France, USA, elsewhere.
Valrhona - France - & recipes
XOX Truffles - SF, CA. Wonderful truffles. Top seven in the USA and a North Beach favorite.
ChocoLocate - the Chocolate Lovers' Page - guide to chocolate on the Web
Chocosphere - "fine chocolate from around the world"
Intemperantia - Specializing in Swiss French chocolates specialties. Pacific Palisades, CA.
Bittersweet Journey: a modestly erotic novel of love, longing and chocolate - Enid Futterman

Games & Distractions [/writers]
Garrison Keillor - The Writer's Almanac - daily program of poetry and history.
Powell's Bookstore - Review-A-Day
Meet the Rabbit - Macromedia Flash app.
Lady Liberty Fireworks
Google Fight - White House vs. Kremlin; reading vs. writing
NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day
NASA JSC - Digital Image Collection
Powers of 10
Anglo-Australian Observatory - David Malin &al.'s stunning astronomical photographs
EarthCam - live links around the world
TerraServer - aerial mapping
Download Google Earth
Google Maps - including satellite images
The Degree Confluence Project
Chain Factor beta - set it free ...
JigZone - free online jigsaw puzzles
Jigsaws - including Daily Jigsaw [need latest Shockwave]
Web Sudoku
USA Today Sudoku
Entertainment Crossword
Universal Crossword - Flash
USA Today - Crossword
ClueMaster - Crosswords and Word Puzzles
King Features - comics
United Media - comics
Debbie Ridpath Ohi - Will Write For Chocolate (comic)
Virtual Kaleidoscope - a great time waster and a thing of beauty

Insurance [/writers]
Ellen Hoffman - Staying Insured When You're On Your Own
Small Business Notes - Determining Your Insurance Needs
HSA for Small Business Health Care
Actors' Fund of America - Health Insurance Resource Center
PWAC (Canadian) - Medical/Dental and Disability Insurance
NASE - insurance benefits
Authors Guild - health (NY, FL, MA), hospitilization, dental and life insurance (NY, FL, MA)
Check for group health insurance from fraternal organizations
Check for group health insurance from credit unions

Writer's Block [/writers]
Steven Barnes - Turning Writer's Blocks Into Stepping Stones
Michael Bracken - Writer's Block: A Definition by Example
Jeffrey A. Carver - Dealing With Writer's Block
Lisa R. Cohen - The Writer's Block
Simon Haynes - How to beat writer's block
Language Is A Virus - collection of tools & techniques
Holly Lisle - Writers' Block: Are We Having Fun Yet?
Literacy Education Online - Overcoming Writer's Block
Merlin Mann - Hack your way out of writer's block
Elizabeth Moon - Help! I can't write! or How to Identify the Dread Writer's Block and Its Relatives
Melisa Michaels - Stalled Careers, Writer's Block, and Monsters Under the Bed
Jerry Mundis - Six major forms of writer's block
Jerry Mundis - Break Writer's Block - Now!
[Purdue] Online Writing Lab - Overcoming Writer's Block
[Purdue] Online Writing Lab - Coping with Writing Anxiety
Chip Scanlan - Being Blocked is Part of the Process
[UIUC] Writer's Workshop - Strategies for Overcoming Writer's Block
John Warner - Breaking Through Writer's Block
Brian Zisk - 3.0 Dissolving Writer's Block

Time Management & Procrastination [/writers]
Cal-Poly - Overcoming Procrastination
Day-Timer - Time Management tips
The Fontayne Group - Creative Procrastination
Maria Gracia - Get Organized Now! - filled with articles and tips 9 ideas for controlling the paper overflow
Harold Taylor - Articles on Time Management - If You Are Going To Stop Procrastinating, Quit Putting It Off
Julie Hume - - Manage Your Email
43 Folders - including Fifty (50!) Tools which [sic] can help you in Writing

Creativity Nudges [/writers]
CALLIHOO - Idea Generators
Creative Calisthenics: a workout for the writer's imagination
FOUND Magazine love letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, to-do lists ...
Found Slide Foundation
I Found Your Camera: found cameras and orphan pictures
Language Is A Virus - collection of tools & techniques
Holly Lisle - Freeing up the Subconscious in Writing
Look At Me - a collection of found photos
The Mirror Project - now found on flickr
Linda Naiman -Creativity at Work
Object Not Found - found objects

Journal Keeping [/writers]
Sheila Bender's Writing It Real
Nan Fischer - Inspired To Journal
Sue Meyn - Journal Magic [caution: audio]
Yahoo! journaling groups

Writing Exercises [/writers]
The 6' Ferret Writers' Group - Writing Exercises
Michelle Richmond - Daily Writing Exercise
Also available with writingexercise @ Twitter
John Hewitt - Fifteen Craft Exercises for Writers

Gifts for Writers [/writers]
Literary Luminaries: book bags, mugs, bookmarks, and more!
HighBeam [$$$] - fee-based research tool ($30/mo; $200/yr for premium access. FREE 7 day trial)
Powell's Card & Virtual Credit
Book Passage Gift Card

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