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Fiction [/writers]
Lynn Abbey - The Schenectady Steeple - story generator
Michelle Albert (Jerott) - Writer's "Cheat Sheets"
Beth Amos - Writer's Workshops - four free "workshops"
Poul Anderson - "On Thud and Blunder" - avoid howling errors
Rob Gregory Browne - Creating Characters That Jump Off The Page
CALLIHOO - Thirty-six (plus one) Dramatic Situations
Orson Scott Card - Uncle Orson's Writing Class
Meg Chittenden - Writing Tips
Caro Clarke - How to Write - thirty columns
Tami Cowden - The Sixteen Master Archetypes
Creating Good Dramatic Characters - advice from the experts
Charlotte Dillon - Building Fictional Characters
Charlotte Dillon - Free Character Chart
Lars Eighner - Writers' Workshop - plotting and more
Forward Motion - a writer's resource
James Alan Gardner - A Seminar on Writing Prose
Gotham Writers' Workshop - Writing Wisdom: Faculty Articles
Hatch's Plot Bank - "2000 scenarios ranging from the normal to the bizarre"
Teresa Nielsen Hayden - Excerpt from "Stupid Plotting Tricks"
John Hewitt - 12 Exercises for Improving Dialogue
Peder Hill - How to Write a Novel
Crawford Kilian - Writing Fiction - [ a blog ] excellent advice
Gabrielle Luthy - huge collectioin of character development links
The Market List: a resource for genre fiction writers
Pam McCutcheon - Writing Tips
James D. MacDonald - Learn Writing from Uncle Jim - an online tutorial
William Meikle - writing tips & more
Loren Miller - 36 plots w/ an RPG tilt
Alicia Rasley - Top Ten Plotting Problems
Rob Sawyer - "On Writing" columns and other advice
Tim Sheppard - Georges Polti's Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
Tim Sheppard - Storytelling Resources for Storytellers
George Scithers & Darrell Schweitzer - Writer's Guidelines for Weird Tales - more excellent advice (note: No longer applicable to Weird Tales. Current Weird Tales guidelines).
Rebecca Sinclair - Fiction Writer's Character Chart
Lisa Paitz Spindler & Donna Dominguez - Write a Novel in Ten Weeks
Sandy Tritt - Character Trait Chart
Patricia C. Wrede - Notes on Point of View (LONG) - a post to rec.arts.sf.composition
Writerious - How To Get Published
Writers Village - Character Building Workshop

Romance [/writers]
All About Romance - Romance Writers on Writing Romance
Charlotte Dillon - Resources for Romance Writers
Kentucky Romance Writers - Writing Tips
Jess Michaels/Jenna Petersen - The Passionate Pen - loads of information for romance writers
Romance Divas - Romance Writer's Forum - and also resources, reviews, links
The Romance Reader
Romance Writers of America
Lori Soard - 10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Romance Writer - excerpted from BECOME A ROMANCE WRITER
CataRomance - Category Romance - Articles - also e-mail list & more - community, discussions, learn to write, more ...
see [networking][Usenet Newsgroups, Listservs and Maillists]

Erotica [/writers]
Erotica Readers & Writers Association - Author Resource Library
Ray Girvan - Erotic Fiction: A Writer's Perspective
Lars Eighner - Lavender Blue: How to Write and Sell Gay Men's Erotica - more than the title says
Mary Anne Mohanraj - Porn/Erotica Magazine Resource List for Writers
Mary Anne Mohanraj - Eros - Erotica Writing Workshop
Andrew Nellis - Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica
Phil Phantom - The Guide to Writing Good Trash
Katy Terrega - Resources for Sex Writers

Historical Fiction [/writers]
Historical Novel Society
Historical Fiction Resources
Literary Liaisons - On-line resources for writers of historical fiction
Shelly Thacker Meinhardt - Researching the Historical Novel
The Mystery Box - Historical Mystery Links
Sarah Smith - Researching the Historical Novel
Joanna Waugh - Resources for readers & writers of Regency fiction

Mystery/Crime Fiction [/writers]
American Board of Forensic Entomology
Alan Barbour - Collection of Forensic Toxicology Links
Kari Sable Burns - True Crime & Justice
Kari Sable Burns - True Crime & Justice Resources
J.H. Byrd - Forensic Entomology
R. Scott Carpenter - Tennessee Criminal Law -Forensic Science Resources - Good collection. Some links busted.
Daryl W. Clemens - Crime & Clues - The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation
John Connolly - On writing more than one book a year
David Cook, eamp;al. - Forensic Entomology
Crime & Mystery Writing Links
The Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation Articles
Crime Space - Resources for readers and writers of crime fiction
The CSI Effect
Hallie Ephron - Crime Fiction: Tips and Pet Peeves
Zeno Geradts - Forensic Site - A TOP SITE - amazing collection of links
Jiro Kimura - The Gumshoe Site
Kim Kruglick - Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site
D. P. Lyle, MD - The Writer's Forensics Blog
Andre A. Moenssens (UMKC School of Law) -
Moenssens' - Links to Other Sources of Forensic Information - professional, official, significant
Police Resource List
Police Resource List - Forensics
Gillian Roberts - Online tutorial: HOW TO WRITE A MYSTERY
Morten Stærkeby - Forensic Entomology
SS Van Dine - Twenty rules for writing detective stories - 1928

Evan Margolin -
DN Anderson - The Mystery Reader
Janet Rudolph - Mystery Readers International & links to periodicals &c.
Mystery Writers of America - HQ w/ links to regional chapters
rec.arts.mystery's home on the Web
Short Mystery Fiction Society Markets List
Sisters in Crime Web site - books/bookstores/links - Mystery Writing Resources

Crime Fiction Newsgroups & Confabs
DorothyL archives
Lauri Hart - Mystery Writers Forum
Short Mystery Fiction Society - e-mail discussion group & shared information
International Thriller Writers
see also [networking][Usenet Newsgroups, Listservs and Maillists]

Video Games and RPG Universes [/writers]
Chaz Boston Baden - Role-Playing and other SF-related Games
IGDA -Guide to Game Writing
DMOZ - Roleplaying
DMOZ - Roleplaying/Play_Groups
Heather Grove - Roleplayers' Resources - an AMAZING collection of links and information
Loren Miller - 36 plots w/ an RPG tilt
RPG Library: articles, discussion, inspiration.
Steve Jackson Games - GURPS
Steve Jackson Games - Pyramid Magazine
White Wolf Online
White Wolf communities & forums
Pyramid Magazine Guidelines - pays $0.03/wd
RPGA Network
see World Building links in SFF section

RPG Newsgroups - archive - archive
see also [networking][Usenet Newsgroups, Listservs and Maillists]

Horror [/writers]
Jeff Beres - Horror Screenwriter's Page
DarkEcho Horror
Paula Guran - So you want to be a horror writer?
Horror Writers Association
HorrorFind - links
HorrorMasters - be sure to check links page
International Horror Guild

Horror Newsgroups
see also [networking][Usenet Newsgroups, Listservs and Maillists]

SFF & World Building [/writers]
Alternative History FAQ soc.history.what-if FAQ
Chaz Boston Baden - Science Fiction Resource Guide
CALLIHOO SF/F Writers' Group - including DTBB - Dare To Be Bad
Jeffrey A Carver - Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy - a free online course
Fantasy Fiction Factor - Fantasy Writing Tips for Fantasy Writers
Mary Soon Lee - Writing Speculative Fiction
Locus Magazine Online
Locus Online - Con Calendar
Barrie M. Rhodes - Viking English
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
SFScope - your source of news about the speculative fiction fields
SpecFicWorld - fiction and non-fiction for speculative fiction fans and writers. Resources.
Bruce Sterling - Turkey City Lexicon - a primer for SF workshops
Tor Books FAQ
Richard Treitl - Definitions of what Science Fiction is and is not
Suzanne Vincent - Writing Speculative Fiction for the Flash Fiction Market
Julia West - Random Science Fiction Story Ideas
Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr -
L. Ron Hubbard's Writers Of the Future - quarterly contest

World Building
Sharon Caseburg - Creating a Believable World
Winchell Chung - World Building and Star System Building Links
Creating an Earthlike Planet
DMOZ - Links to World Building sites
Richard Kennaway - Some Internet resources relating to constructed languages
Mark Rosenfelder - The Language Construction Kit
Victoria Strauss - An Impatient Writer's Guide to World Building - hundreds of inventions by science fiction writers
Elizabeth Anne Viau - World Builders course site
Stephanie Bryant - 30 Days of World Building - exercises
Patricia C. Wrede - Fantasy World Building Questions

SFF Newsgroups
rec.arts.sf.composition -- FAQ
and other groups in rec.arts.sf.*
soc.history.what-if -- FAQ
see also [networking][Usenet Newsgroups, Listservs and Maillists]

SFF Markets
Ralan Conley - Market Lists: SF & Humor
Fiction Factor - SFF Markets
Paula Fleming - links to market lists
Stephen Hunt's SF Crowsnest - SFF markets - magazine & book
Mary Soon Lee - Speculative Fiction Markets
Kathy Ptacek - Gila Queen's Guide to Markets - articles, links, subscription e-mail'd markets updates
Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr -
Writers Markets for Speculative Fiction: SF/F/H's Journal
see also [business][markets]

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