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Unsorted [/writers]
See also Research and Reference links
Links for Writing a Business Plan -- moved to Other section
Marcia Yudkin - How Writers Can Cash in as Experts

Non-Fiction - General [/writers]
Marcia Yudkin - Freelance Writing FAQ - a very rich source of information
Wooden Horse - useful information for non-fiction writers
Marcia Yudkin - Articles on writing and marketing your writing - Freelance Writers
David Miller - 16 Nonfiction Forms And How To Write Them
Sunoasis - Freelance Resources

Journalism [/writers]
American Journalism Review
100 Best Sites for Journalists [2012]
Bob Baker - NewsThinking:
Columbia Journalism Review
Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma - articles, links, more.
IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.) - Resource Center (must be member. $70+)
NYTimes - Newsroom Navigator
Online Journalism Review
PowerReporting - archive of resources for journalists [no longer being updated] - Computer-Aided Reporting - archive of what was a hugely useful collection of CAR syllabi
Society of Professional Journalists
Society of Professional Journalists - The Journalist's Toolbox
Karla Tonella - Journalism Resources - 40+ pps of links

See also Research and Reference links

Journalism & Freelance Jobs [/writers]
Lynn Wasnak - How much should I charge?
Craigslist - search for jobs in market areas: Boston, SF, NY &c.
American Journalism Review - archives
Ten Best Job Boards to Find Freelance Writing Jobs - Jobs
J-JOBS - Journalism job bank jobs and internship opportunities - the Job Board for Media Professionals - Media Job Listings - writing jobs USA, Canada, UK. Expert advice. - jobs and resources for professional journalists
Sunoasis - Writer's Guide to Finding Jobs Online tutorial
See also Business/markets links section

Television/Radio [/writers]
Mervin Block - Television Newswriting Workshop
Newswriting for Radio
TV and Radio Jobs
Janis Jaquith - So You'd Like to... Write Commentaries Heard on NPR Stations
Guidelines for writing commentaries for Vermont Public Radio

Copywriting [/writers]
Copywriting 101: an introduction to copywriting
Pandecta Magazine - FREE Copy Writing Tutorial
Peep Laja - Quick Course on Effective Website Copywriting
Joe Robson - - Copywriting Solutions - tutorials
Joe "Mr Fire" Vitale - Copywriting Profit Center - free articles, newsletters and more

Web writing [/writers]
Copyblogger - copywriting tips for online marketing success
High Rankings - writing for the Web and copywriting. SEO focus. Free newsletter
Nielsen Norman Group - Web usability and more.
HowTo Internet - copywriting for the 'net
Quality Web Content: words that work. articles &c.
Riches Communications Pty Ltd (AUS) - E-writing resources
Dr. Ralph Wilson - Web Marketing Today - free newsletter too - free newsletter

Food Writing [/writers]
IFWTWA - International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association
AFJ - Association of Food Journalists
AFJ - Food Critics' Guidelines
Stan Ketterer - Food Reference links
Food and Beverage Trade Associations
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Food & Cooking Organizations
Lynne Olver - Food Timeline
Lynne Olver - Culinary History Timeline

Travel Writing [/writers]
Durant Imboden - Travel Writing for Pleasure and Profit - market news, bulletin boards & more
IFWTWA - International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association
Tim Leffel - Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer
Lori Beattie - 10 Terrific Travel Writing Tips
Travel Writer's Life
Travel Writing Portal
Isabel Viana - The Untraveled Travel Writer
Written Road - latest scoop to the travel publishing world

Science & Medical Writing [/writers]
American Medical Writers Association
AMWA-Northern California - Resources
Association of British Science Writers - includes resources
Canadian Science Writers' Association
Canadian Science Writers' Association - resources
European Medical Writers Association
European Union of Science Journalists' Associations
World Federation of Science Journalists
Council for the Advancement of Science Writing - A Guide to Careers in Science Writing
National Association of Science Writers
NASW - FAQ for New and Aspiring Science Writers
NASW - Public email discussion lists
A guide to writing scientific papers
Duke - Scientific Writing Resource
Science Literacy Project - Science Journalism Resources
Northwest Science Writers Association - resources
Kathy Summers - Tips for Health Writers
UT Health Sciences Writing Centre - Resources
Writers Write -Resources for Medical Writers

Public Relations [/writers]
Luan Aten - How to Write a Press Release
PRW -Press Release Writing Tips & Resources
When to Send a Press Release
How to Write and Format a Press Release for E-mail Distribution
Bill Stoller's Publicity Insider
Public Relations Society of America
Canadian Public Relations Society
Chartered Institute of Public Relations - UK/Europe
Google search: /"how to" news|press releases/

Religion [/writers]
American Academy of Religion
Religion Link - resources and tools for reporters
Religion News Service
Religion Newswriters Association
ReligionSource - journalists' shortcut to 5,000 scholars
Religion Source - Guides to Writing About Religion and other resources.
see also Christian writers section

Tech Writing [/writers]
The official TECHWR-L Web site
Society for Technical Communication
Association of Teachers of Technical Writing
Ronald B. Standler - Technical Writing
Jean Hollis Weber - The Technical Editors' Eyrie
Keith Soltys - Internet Resources for Technical Communicators
dmoz - Technical Writing links

Speech writing [/writers]
Idea Bank - Improve Your Speech or Presentation
Fletcher Dean - - Speechwriting 2.0
Toastmasters International - 10 Tips for Public Speaking - "all you need for a speech"
Forbes - How to give a great speech
Presentation Tips for Public Speaking
History Channel - Famous speeches and audio
Art Feierman - The Art of Communicating Effectively

Commentary/Essays/Columnists [/writers]
Crafting the Personal Essay - an interview w/ Dinty W. Moore
Kindle link for the book: Crafting the Personal Essay
Consider yourself a writer? Start with a weekly Column
Unitersal UClick - "I would like to submit my idea for a Comic/Game/Column to you. What should I do?"
Mantex - How to use quotations
Lois J Peterson - How to Write Personal Essays and Opinion Pieces
Joe Grimm [Poynter] - Syndicated column?
Joe Grimm [Poynter] - Syndicating a humor column?
Andy Brain - Writing a newspaper column: Learn the legal stuff - Advice for writers
Chip Scanlon [Poynter Report] - Tips for Writing a Personal Essay
A.C.Snow - How to write a column
Writing narrative personal essays
Rob Tornoe - Paving the Road to Self-Syndication
Beth Mende Conny - 10 Key Steps to Become a Columnist
Columnists on Column Writing
Elizabeth Laden - Self-Syndicating Your Weekly Column
Writing to Heal - personal essay writing resources

Op-Ed [/writers]
DePaul University - Writing Successful Op-Eds and Letters To The Editor
Duke University - How to Write an Op-Ed - PDF
Dick Harper - 10-1/2 Hot Tips for Small-Town Op-Ed Writers
Glenn Kranzley, The Morning Call (Lehigh Valley, PA) - How to Submit a 'Your View' column
John McLain - How to Write an Op-Ed
Communications Consortium Media Center - Op-eds & Letters to the Editor - Tips
Washington Post - Submitting an Opinion Article - must be written exclusively for The Post
NYTimes - Op-Ed Submission Guidelines
David Shipley (NYT) - And now a word from Op-Ed

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