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Unsorted [/writers]
Nebraska Center for Writers - Jobs for Writers

Book Publishers [/writers]
AcqWeb - Directory of Publishers and Vendors
Gerard Jones - Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing - entertaining site with an impressive list of agents' and publishers' contact information
Sal Towse - Links to Publishers' Online Submission Guidelines
Literary Marketplace - $$$ fee for full publisher profile information
Publishers' Catalogue Home Page - >7K publishers world-wide by topic or location
Book Fair listings

Self-Publishing [/writers]
Frequently Asked Questions about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
Online Application for an ISBN Publisher Prefix
The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
Christopher Willitts -
Dan Poynter - Para Publishing
Writing-World - Self-publishing Links
Lars Eighner - What about self-publishing?
Publishing Central
Samir Husni - Magazine Startup FAQs
Thomas M. Sipos - Self-Publishing: Is It For You?
Jill Paton Walsh & John Rowe Townsend - Some Notes on Self-Publishing (1995)

E-Publishing [/writers]
Warren Adler - On Electronic Publishing
Warren Adler - The E-Book Has Arrived
Ebooks and Self-Publishing - A Dialog Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath
Ed Howdershelt - E-publishing Considerations
Lida Quillen - Reputable, royalty paying, non-subsidy e-publishers
Writer Beware - Small Presses & Electronic Publishing
Karen Weisner - SF/F and Epublishing: An Out-of-this-World Match
Why ePublishing Needs to Grow Up

Print-On-Demand Publishing [/writers]
dehanna bailee - "For-a-fee" print-on-demand publisher database - very useful one-page chart
John Kremer - POD Printers and Publishers
Clea Saal - An Incomplete Guide to Print-on-Demand Publishers
SFWA - Self-Publishing: Print-On-Demand and Electronic

Legal & Contracts & Taxes [/writers]
Adler & Robin Books, Inc - Problems with Publishers' Contracts
Adler & Robin Books, Inc - Sample Author Collaboration Agreement
ASJA - Publication & Contracts
ASJA - Contracts Watch
The Authors Guild - Legal Search Database
Bob Brooke - Magazine Rights - One-time rights, all rights, &c.
Shana Galen - Subsidiary Rights: Lucrative Territory
Ivan Hoffman, J.D. - Helpful Articles for Writers and Publishers
Ivan Hoffman, J.D. - The Ten Key Negotiating Points in an Author-Publisher Agreement
Ivan Hoffman, J.D. - Royalty Calculations in Book Contracts
Ivan Hoffman, J.D. - Co-author Issues in Book Contracts
Angela Hoy - 10 Ways To Make Deadbeats Pay Up ... Fast
Internet Law Library
David Koehser, Attorney - How to Read a Publishing Agreement
David Koehser, Attorney - Authors: Tread Carefully Before Asserting Claims to E-Rights
Alice Neff Lucan, Esq. - Legal information for newspapers publishing on-line
O'Reilly Media - The Contract - and the explanation thereof
Timothy Perrin - Publishing Contract Checklist
Bryan Thomas Schmidt - 10 Resources For Educating Yourself About Book Contracts
SFWA - Intro to Publishing Contracts, Sample Contracts (and more!)
Victoria Strauss - Getting Out of Your Book Contract (Maybe)
UConn - Model Agreement Addenda & Licenses

Copyright [/writers]
U.S. Copyright Office
Copyright Office -Register a literary copyright
Cornell - Title 17 - Copyrights
US Copyright Office - Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work
US Copyright Office - Search Copyright Records: Registrations and Documents - author, copyright holder, pseudonyms.
Stanford University Libraries - Copyright and Fair Use
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) - On Copyright - testimony
Lloyd J. Jassin
Orson Scott Card - Rowling, Lexicon, and Oz
Lolly Gasaway - When Do Works Pass Into The Public Domain?
Copyright Board Canada - Canadian Copyright Law
Subscribe to U.S. Copyright NewsNet
EFF - DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act)
Brad Templeton - 10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Chuck Rothman - Copyrights and Meteorites
Benedict O'Mahoney - Copyright Website
Thomas G. Field, Jr. [Journal of Electronic Publishing] - Copyright in E-mail
Thomas G. Field, Jr. - Copyright in Written Work
Writers, Artists and Their Copyright Holders - Locating US Copyright Holders
Duke Law School Conference on the Public Domain - papers & background material (2001)
Australian Copyright Council
UK Intellectual Property Office - Copyright Links
Ivan Hoffman - Copyright Transfers

Agents [/writers]
Adler & Robin - FAQ on Literary Agents and Publishing
Agent Query - "the largest most current searchable database of literary agents on the web—a treasure trove"
Agent Research & Evaluation
Agent Turnaround Times - LiveJournal Community
Association of Authors' Agents - UK
The Association of Authors' Representatives - USA
A.C. Crispin & Victoria Strauss - Writer Beware Blogs's Literary Agents Listings
Teresa Nielsen Hayden (Making Light) - On the getting of agents
Durant Imboden - Literary Agents : a four-part series
Gerard Jones - Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing - entertaining site with an impressive list of agents' and publishers' contact information
Michael Larsen & Elizabeth Pomada - 3 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible to Any Agent or Publisher
Literary Marketplace - $$$ fee for full agent profile information
National Writers Union - Finding an Agent [PDF]
Nebraska Center for Writers - Literary Agents - articles/agents
Dan Perez - About Agents
Preditors and Editors - reports on publishers, agents and more. Fabulous resource.
Publishers Marketplace
Laura Resnick - Agents
Chuck Rothman - Hunting for a Literary Agent
Robert J. Sawyer - Landing an agent
SFWA Writer Beware - Warnings and Cautions for Writers on Agents
John E. Stith - Hunting for an Agent (with Sample Synopsis)
Victoria Strauss - The Safest Way to Search for an Agent
Lawrence Watt-Evans - HWA Agents FAQ
Writers' & Artists' Yearbook
WritersNet - Literary Agents

Taxes [/writers]
Business Owner's Toolkit - Deducting the Home Office
Nolo Press - The Home Office Tax Deduction
Nolo Press - Top Tax Deductions for your small business
Carol Topp, CPA. - Tax Resources For Freelance Writers (updated Mar 2009)
Riley & Associates, P.C. - Top 12 Money & Tax Tips for 2012 (podcast)

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