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Multi-faceted [/writers]
All Arts Council - Writing Links
Moira Allen - Writing World
AskAboutWriting - an Internet resource for writers in Ireland and Britain.
Backspace - highly recommended
Krista Barrett - Writer Gazette
Krista Barrett - Writers Manual
John Beslanwitch - - markets, links, more.
The Burry Man Writers Center - includes markets
Dan Case - - Writing For Dollars
Ralan Conley - Check out Links for Hungry Writers
Critters' Workshop - Resources
John T. Cullen - Publishing Industry News
Lars Eighner - Novel tutorial and more
Empire Arts Resource - Magic Star of Dramatic Writing - story dynamics, screenplay, content - A Guide To Indispensable Writing Resources
Errant Dreams - an incredible collection
Jenna Glatzer - Absolute Write
John Hewitt - - deep collection of writerly information
Angela Hoy - WritersWeekly - paying markets, freelance jobs, warnings, articles
HWA - Writing Tips/Articles
Durant Imboden -
Shirley Kawa-Jump (ed.) - Writing Corner
Pat Marcello - Write On! - Information and Inspiration
Mary Anne Mohanraj - Writing Resources
Nebraska Center for Writers - amazing resource
Kathy Ptacek - Gila Queen's Guide to Markets - articles, links, subscription e-mail'd markets updates
Alicia Rasley - The Writers' Corner
SFWA - Articles on writing
Sree Sreenivasan - CyberJournalist
Ronald B. Standler - More About Writing
Peter Warwick - Peter's Place Of Freelance Journalism - and links and other stuff
Web del Sol
WGA - The Craft of Writing for Film & Television - essays
Dr. L. Kip Wheeler - Comp - Lit - Poetry - Links - more - resources for poets & writers
Home port to the WRITERS list
Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia
Writers Free Reference
Writers Write

Unclassified [/writers]
Teresa Nielsen Hayden - Making Light
Rejection Letter to Ursula K LeGuin for The Left Hand of Darkness
Rotten Rejection Letters

Writers on Writing & Editing & Life [/writers]
Quotations by and about and for writers
Judy Blume talks about writing
Jeffrey A Carver - Advice to the Aspiring Writer
Jeffrey A Carver - Other Carver essays on the writing life
CJ Cherryh - Writerisms and other Sins
Patricia J. Chui - Confessions of a slush pile reader
Peter Dickinson - FAQ - e.g. "Where do you get your ideas?"
Peter Dickinson - A Defence of Rubbish
Excerpts from Writers Dreaming by Naomi Epel
Sue Grafton - Dreams and the creative process
Stephen King - On dreams and dreaming
Paula Guran - It Came From The Slush Pile
Marc Herman - Confessions of a Harper's Serf
The Well - Inkwell.vue - "an ongoing conversation with authors, artists and creative thinkers." archives.
Bill Johnson - Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing
Jack Kerouac - Belief & Technique for Modern Prose
Jack Kerouac - Essentials of Spontaneous Prose
Nancy Kress - Wielding the Scalpel: What to Cut From Your Story
Elmore Leonard - Easy on the ... Hooptedoodle
Holly Lisle - How to Tell Who WON'T Make It in Writing (and How Not to Be That Writer)
Vonda N. McIntyre - Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy, General Useful Information, & Other Opinionated Comments
Robin McKinley - Essays on Writing and other stuff
Elizabeth Moon - Help! I can't write! or How to Identify the Dread Writer's Block and Its Relatives
Elizabeth Moon - The Writer and Depression
Jerry Mundis - Six major forms of writer's block
Jerry Mundis - Break Writer's Block - Now!
NYTimes special: Writers on Writing Registration required.
George Orwell - Politics and the English Language (1946)
Ohio Reading Road Trip - Writers' Thoughts on Writing
Powell's Books - From The Author - essays by award-winning and bestselling authors written exclusively for our web customers.
Powell's Books - Writer Interviews
Annie Proulx - Writers on Writing: Inspiration
Rick Riordan - Advice for Writers - and others ...
John Scalzi - Utterly Useless Writing Advice
Theron F. Schlabach - Ten Commandments of Good Historical [ed: and other non-fiction] Writing
Mark Twain on Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses
Jane Yolen - For Writers

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