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Quotations [/writers] - Quotation Search Page
alt.quotations FAQ
alt.quotations FAQ -- the Short Version
Bartlett's 11th ed (1919) - over 11K searchable quotations
Brainy Quote - 35K quotes - 8K authors
Noyemi - Famous Quotes, Quotations, & Sayings
GIGA Quotes - "85K+ ancient and modern quotations, aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, sayings, truisms, mottoes, book excerpts, poems and the like browsable by 6K+ authors or 3,500+ cross-referenced topics" Search by biographical name, biographical names by date, subject. Over 54K Famous Quotes, Organized by Topic or Author
Carol Dingle & Diana J. Dell - - classified & categorized
Stephen L. Spanoudis - Quotations - over 26K entries in 30 collections
The Quotations Page - more than 26K entries from over 3100 people.
David Borenstein - - great site. Put that quote on a mug! User groups too. Over 300K quotations by over 20K authors
Wikiquote - "free online compendium of quotations from notable people and creative works in every language, including sources (where known), translations of non-English quotes, and links to Wikipedia for further information"
Yale Book of Quotations
Yale Book of Quotations - Quotation site links
Quotation Ring - over 140 Web sites with quotation collections

Quote Sites [/writers]
Aphorisms Galore!
G. Chris Boynton - Some Interesting Quotes and Sayings
Steve & Sally Browning - Quote-O-Matic ~ 2600 classified quotes
Charles Daney - Quotation Collection
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann and other Ehrmann quotes
Catherine Dibble - Favorite Quotes - links at page end
Aaron Fuegi - Collected quotes
Harley Hahn - Quotable Women
James Halloran - Quotation Station (Quotations Full of Inspiration and Wisdom)
Gary Henry - Curmudgeon's Quotations
Peter Lloyd & - QuotAmaze - amazing collection of quotes about creativity
Mia K. Markey - Quotes
Sam Aurelius Milam III - Another Compendium of Wit and Wisdom [PDF]
Ohio U LGBT Center - Queer Quotes

alt.quotations - BUSY!

Quotations About/By/For Writers
Dean Johns' Writing Quotes
ThinkExist - writer quotes
Victory Crayne - Quotations by and for Writers
Capital Community College; Hartford, CT - EMINENT QUOTABLES: What Writers Say About Writing
Catherine Dibble - Favorite Writing Quotes
The Fontayne Group - What Some Writers have to Say About...
Frank Lynch - The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page ... over 1800 SJ quotes.

More Quote Sites [/writers]
Cynscribe - Links to quotation sites
Dr. Kai Nordlund - Quotations - txt
GigaQuotes - Law Quotations - quotations from the World of Photography
Jacob Richman - Quotes, sigs, humor
Jeffrey O. Shallit - Quotations
Mark T. Shirey - Quotes File
Great Star Trek Quotes
1000's of Famous & Memorable Quotes
Your Quotation Center - >13K quotes

Fortune/Tagline Pages [/writers]
Aaron Fuegi - Fortunes page - loads!
Jacob Richman - .sig files [txt]

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