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If we have listed a questionable agent, please let us know.
Check out any agent before you submit work.
Preditors and Editors is a good place to research any "problem" agents.
Also check some of the other sites listed in the scams section. links to agent information

Agencies are listed alphabetically by agency name. Individual agents are placed according to their surname, ... usually. I've occasionally noted AAR membership. Just because an agent isn't noted as AAR, doesn't mean they aren't. Check with Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc.

Amy Rennert Agency, Inc. (Tiburon, CA) -
Fiction and nonfiction. (esp: General fiction, Mystery, Biography, History, Health, Lifestyle, Sports, Narrative non-fiction especially memoir and reportage. Clients include Jacqueline Winspear, Jimmy Buffett, Terry Ryan

Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Agency
(Sacramento, CA) E-query preferred.

Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency -
Literary fiction and literary non-fiction. "good books" Clients include CJ Box and Dennis Lehane.

Barry Goldblatt Literary.
AAR. Young Adult. Picture Books. Chapter Books/Middle Grade. NO ATTACHMENTS.

Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises -
Areas of interest include: Literary fiction, quirky mysteries and thrillers, memoirs, narrative nonfiction, travelogues, social issues, current affairs, psychology, self-help, popular culture, women's issues, history, biography, art & design, business, health and medicine, science and technology, parenting, cooking and nutrition, and gardening. The agency works with both first-time and established writers

Beverley Slopen Literary Agency - Canadian. (Toronto)
Prefers snailmail. SASE w/ Canadian postage. "Represents a diverse list of internationally published and acclaimed authors in fields ranging from anthropology to fiction to history to true crime and poetry, very few children's titles, and almost no works in the categories of fantasy, horror, or romance."

BookEnds, LLC -
AAR. Represents "a diversity of authors, from spirituality, self-help and business writers to mystery, romance and literary novelists." BLOG

Brown Literary Agency (Roberta Brown).
Specializes in Women's Fiction, Erotica, Single Title and Category Romance. E-query. "At this time, due to an immense influx of submissions, we are closed to reviews until further notice. Published New York authors looking for a change in representation may still query." 11/2011

Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency -
A full-service West Coast agency that represents high quality literary fiction, and a wide range of non-fiction subjects. General fiction, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle

Castiglia Literary Agency -
Adult fiction and nonfiction. Query by 'snail mail' with description of project and writer's credentials, include SASE. No unsolicited proposals or manuscripts.

Creative Media Agency (Paige Wheeler) -- is now Folio Literary Management

Curtis Brown Ltd -
"represents adult and children’s authors of all genres, including illustrators"

Daniel Literary Group -
"specializes in nonfiction and is open to submissions in almost every popular category of such, especially if authors are recognized experts in their fields. As for fiction, we are currently open to fiction submissions in all areas except the following: * Children's or YA literature * Romance * Science fiction/Fantasy * Screenplays * Poetry * Short stories" NO ATTACHMENTS! [Greg Daniel TWITTERFEED]

David Black Agency -
"Over the years, our client list has grown to include prize winners and New York Times best-sellers in a range of categories: from narrative nonfiction to fiction, from history to sports, from science to cooking and lifestyle." Clients include Mitch Albom, Erik Larson, Joe McGinniss.

DeFiore and Company -
Fiction and non-fiction titles. Please be advised that we do not represent children’s picture books, poetry, science fiction, fantasy, romance, or dramatic projects at this time. Represents Ken Bruen, Lou Manfredini, Jason Starr,

Donald Maass Literary Agency -
Fiction specialists. All genres are welcome. We handle many authors of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, horror, romance, historical, literary and mainstream novels. To learn more about the clients we represent, check out our client list. Our list is always tight, but never totally full. What we are not looking for... Non-fiction, poetry nor any kind of picture books, childrens' fiction.

Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency
[Henry Dunow, Jennifer Carlson, and Betsy Lerner] Represents literary and commercial fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, popular culture and young adult fiction. E-queries okay. NO ATTACHMENTS. [Betsy Lerner BLOG]

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.
Fiction & non-fiction. Client list

Elaine P. English Literary Agency -
AAR. commercial fiction, including women's fiction, mysteries and thrillers. No children's books, YA, non-fiction, screenplays.

Erin C. Niumata (Folio Literary Management) -
Looking for Fiction: commercial women's fiction, historical fiction, cozy mysteries, psychological thrillers, suspense, humor. I love sassy Southern and/or British heroines. Nonfiction: parenting, self help, women's issues, fashion, pop culture and humor, pet care/pets, memoirs, history. NOT Looking for: Absolutely no romance, westerns, poetry, short story collections, business, travel memoirs, YA, or picture books.

Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency -
Interested in all kinds of commercial fiction, including thrillers, mysteries, children's, romance, women's fiction, ethnic, science fiction, fantasy and general fiction. Also interested in literary fiction as long as it has a strong narrative. In nonfiction, interested in current affairs, history, health, science, psychology, cookbooks, new age, spirituality, pop-culture, adventure, true crime, biography and memoir. Also open to reviewing other genres and topics, as long as the material is for a trade or general audience and not scholarly. We do accept unsolicited manuscripts and seriously consider all submissions, including first time writers. We do not represent poetry, short stories or screenplays. Actively seeking new authors. Represents John Scalzi, Beatrice Small, MaryJanice Davidson, Gail Martin ...

Fine Print Literary Management
The merger of the Peter Rubie Literary Agency and the Imprint Agency. Represents both fiction and nonfiction for adults and young adults -- a wide range of fiction, both literary and commercial, including thrillers, mysteries, fantasy, women's, romance, chick lit, YA and middle grade readers. No poetry, plays, screenplays, or children's picture books.

Fletcher and Company.
NO e-queries. Upmarket non-fiction as well as commercial and literary fiction.

Folio Literary Management, LLC.
Aggressively seeking upmarket adult fiction that’s appropriate for book club discussion; literary fiction and commercial fiction that features fresh voices and/or memorable characters. Non Fiction: Many of us love narrative nonfiction – great stories paired with great writing – including memoirs – but also authors, experts, scholars, and journalists with well-researched, compelling and new ideas. Do not represent poetry, stage plays, or screenplays.

The Gernert Company
"We represent equal parts fiction (commercial and literary writers, both well-known and soon-to-be, whether writing for adults or younger readers) and nonfiction (biographers, memoirists, journalists, essayists, bloggers, and writers of trade and scholarly nonfiction in subjects ranging from sports and history to current events and science). ... Please understand that due to the volume of unsolicited queries we receive, it is now our policy to respond to you (usually within four weeks) only if we are interested in the material.

Gillian MacKenzie Agency -
"An “ideas agency” representing the intellectual property of writers, experts, and institutions to the publishing world and beyond." E-query.

Frances Goldin Literary Agency -
We do not handle screenplays, illustrated books, romance or science fiction. We do not handle work that is racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, or pornographic.

Graybill & English - CLOSED. New affiliations for Elaine English & Jeff Kleinman

Greyhaus Literary Agency
Representing romance writers. Looking for: contemporary, women's fiction, historicals, paranormals, romantic suspense, category. "WHAT I DO NOT WANT: * The following genres: - Sci Fi- Fantasy- Inspirational- Literary fiction- Futuristic- Erotica -Writers targeting e-pubs- screenplays - novellas- poetry- non-fiction- memoirs"

Grosvenor Literary Agency. see Kneerim & Williams

Hartline Literary Agency -
"One of longest established agencies serving the Christian book community and though we specialize in that market we do work with general interest books as well."

Scott Hoffman (Folio Literary Management) -
My tastes are extremely eclectic; about the only types of projects I won't consider are series romance, cozy mysteries, or Westerns. My current list is about half fiction and half nonfiction. My fiction is about half literary, and half commercial (chick lit? Sure - if it's smart and fresh, and has a strong voice.) My nonfiction is spread out among serious journalistic or academic nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and quirkier pop-culture books. If your project doesn't fit one of the "established" categories, I'm probably your guy - I love projects that can't be easily classified.

Hornfischer Literary Management, Inc. (Jim Hornfischer) -
"a boutique nonfiction literary agency with a strong track record handling a broad range of serious and commercial nonfiction."

Irene Goodman Literary Agency.
Always looking for the finest in commercial fiction and non-fiction. We have a strong background in women's voices, including mysteries, romance, women's fiction, thrillers, suspense, and chick lit. Historical fiction is one of Irene's particular passions and Miriam is fanatical about modern urban fantasies. We are also very interested in Young Adult fiction, both literary and those with an edgy, chick-litty voice. In non-fiction, Irene is looking for topics on narrative history, social issues and trends, education, Judaica, Francophilia, Anglophilia, other cultures, animals, food, crafts, and memoir.

JABberwocky Literary Agency -
Science Fiction | Fantasy | Mystery | Horror | Thrillers/Suspense|Mainstream Fiction/Literature | Gay Fiction | Non-Fiction|Westerns | Biography/Autobiography | Young Adult. Interested in a broad range of fiction and non-fiction intended for general audiences. We handle only book-length material, and we do not handle series romance, children's books, or poetry. Snail-mail queries ONLY.

Jennifer Jackson (Donald Maass Literary Agency).
Currently seeking new clients in all genres for the agency, which represents over one hundred authors of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, romance and other types of commercial novel-length fiction. Interested in both new and established writers.

Jane Chelius Literary Agency.
AAR. Mystery, popular and literary fiction, suspense, women’s literature, and narrative and how-to non-fiction. No children's books, poetry, stage plays or screenplays. E-query OK.

Janet Reid (Fine Print Literary Management ) -
Loves mysteries and offbeat literary fiction. BLOG

Janis A. Donnaud & Associates, Inc.
Varied list is concentrated mainly on nonfiction, with an emphasis on the culinary, health and medical books, and women's books.

Janklow and Nesbit Associates
Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction. Search for / for listing of agents and needs.

Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary Management) -
Looking for: projects with unusual premises; books that offer up some new perspective on something I thought I already knew or never dreamed existed; and wonderful, character-driven novels.

Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency -
Specializes in children's literature of all ages -- picture books, middle-grade, and young adult -- but also represents high-quality adult fiction and non-fiction in traditional and non-traditional arenas. The categories that we are most enthusiastic about agenting are: literary and commercial fiction; mysteries; thrillers; celebrity biographies; humor; psychology and self-help; parenting; health and fitness; women's issues; men's issues; pop culture; film and television; social issues and contemporary affairs.

Joëlle Delbourgo Associates - "a literary and consulting agency handling adult fiction and nonfiction and select young adult fiction.
We represent a wide range of nonfiction, from serious nonfiction, including biography and memoir, women’s issues, health and medicine, religion, philosophy, history, and psychology and science, to narrative nonfiction, popular reference, and popular culture. Our fiction list includes literary fiction, commercial, mainstream fiction, and, selectively, young adult fiction. Please do not submit: Category romance, science fiction and fantasy, poetry, westerns, children’s books, or short story collections. Prefers snail mail queries (letter only) with an SASE.

Kneerim & Williams Literary Agency -
"A full-service literary and dramatic rights agency with offices in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. We handle the placement of American and foreign publication rights as well as film, television, audio, digital media, and merchandising rights for a wide range of clients."

Knight Agency Atlanta, GA.
Romance, chick lit, lad lit, women's fiction, YA, commercial fiction, literary and multicultural fiction, business and finance, self-help, how-to and psychology, entertainment and media, health, inspirational/religious. No mysteries, action-adventure, horror, short story, poetry, autobiography.

kt literary - Kate Schafer Testerman (formerly of Janklow & Nesbit Associates).
At this time we do not represent picture books. We are looking for: * brilliant, funny, original middle grade and young adult fiction, both literary and commercial * witty women’s fiction * pop-culture narrative nonfiction.

Michael Larsen - Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents - AAR. Represent commercial and literary fiction plus narrative non-fiction, and prescriptive non-fiction, adult genre fiction, children's middle-grade and young adult books.
fiction submission guidelines
non-fiction submission guidelines

Levine Greenberg Literary Agency, Inc,-
Represents "a variety of fields, a variety of genres" See site for list.

Simon Lipskar - (Writers House)

Liza Dawson Associates - AAR

Loretta Barrett Books -
Represents a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction for general audiences. Our fiction ranges from commercial thrillers, mysteries, romantic suspense mainstream women’s and men’s fiction and more literary works, and our nonfiction encompasses genres such as history, biography, popular science and psychology, spirituality and religion, health and nutrition, women’s issues, narrative nonfiction, memoir, humor, sports, politics and current affairs, true crime, etc. ... Does not represent cookbooks, gardening books, children’s books, science fiction and fantasy novels, and historical romance. E-query okay BUT NO ATTACHMENTS. Does not respond if no interest.

Lowenstein Associates, Inc. -
Does not represent the following material: horror, westerns, science-fiction, children's picture books, textbooks and books in need of translation.

Lyons Literary LLC -
Only accepts queries sent via online submission form.

Daniel Mandel -
at Sanford J Greenburger Associates, Inc. Represents authors known for their innovative fiction or for their unique perspective on current events.

MacGregor Literary (Chip MacGregor) -
Works primarily with established authors, who write from a Christian Perspective. [BLOG]

Manus & Associates -
Does not accept the following genres: science fiction, fantasy, romance, poetry, children's books, screenplays, academic works, magazine articles.

Margaret McBride Literary Agency - (La Jolla, CA)
Represents commercial fiction and nonfiction, business, health, self-help. Does not represent poetry, children’s books, screenplays or romance. "We are only accepting new clients by referral at this time." (11/2011)

Marly Rusoff & Associates, Inc. - Quality fiction and non-fiction.

Nappaland Literary - Colorado. See site for specifics.

Natasha Kern Literary Agency -
Specializes in women's fiction: including inspirational and paranormal women's fiction, romantic suspense and romantic comedies, contemporary and historical romances. Also represents thrillers, multicultural fiction; and young adult books. Currently most actively seeking to represent: Big historical novels like Girl With a Pearl Earring, the Red Tent and Jane Austen's novels; mainstream women's fiction like novels by Kristin Hannah, Luanne Rice or Jodi Picoult; romantic suspense; historical novels like those of our clients Pamela Clare and Maureen McKade; romantic comedies; mommy lit and lady lit; innovative paranormal romances like those by Nina Bangs or Kimberly Raye; and multicultural fiction like A'isha, Beloved of Muhammed by Sherry Jones or China Dolls by Michelle Yu and Blossom Kan or novels by Angela Benson. Also seeking inspirational fiction in a broad range of genres including: suspense and mysteries, historicals, romance, and multicultural, and contemporary novels like those by Robin Lee Hatcher. Do not represent horror, true crime, erotica, children's books, short stories or novellas, poetry, screenplays. In nonfiction, represents the following: narrative nonfiction; books related to body, mind and spirit; health and alternative medicine; popular science; investigative journalism; inspirational and religious books; psychology, self-help or how-to; parenting and relationships; gardening; animals and nature; business; as well as controversial, multi-cultural, women's issues; and any trade nonfiction written by prominent authorities in their fields. Especially interested in nonfiction for twenty-somethings and baby boomers. Most actively looking for narrative nonfiction, health, and "how-to" books. Does not represent: technical, photography or art/craft books, cookbooks, travel, or sports books.
Natasha Kern Literary Agency - fiction submission guidelines
Natasha Kern Literary Agency - non-fiction submission guidelines

Nelson Agency (Kristin Nelson) (Denver, CO) - BLOG
E-query. Seeking * Literary (with a commercial bent) * Commercial mainstream * Women's fiction * Chick lit (all types including paranormal, mystery, young adult etc.) * Romance (all types including contemporary, historical, suspense, thriller, romantic comedy, paranormal/time travel, science fiction/futuristic, and fantasy with romantic elements) * Science Fiction * Fantasy * Young Adult/Middle Grade (must be high concept and have a commercial bent) * Memoir * Narrative Nonfiction on all topics (such as Seabiscuit, The Perfect Storm, or Friday Night Lights). Does not look at submissions for screenplays, short story collections, poetry, horror, mystery (unless chick lit), thriller, children’s picture books, any nonfiction except as listed above, or material for the Christian/Inspirational market.

Nicholas Ellison Agency (affiliated with Sanford J Greenburger Associates, Inc.)
With a select and very successful list of non-fiction projects, Mr. Ellison represents fiction primarily and his projects range from belles lettres to popular entertainment. Clients include Christopher Moore, Amanda Brown, Nelson DeMille.

Pam Strickler Genres & Specialties: Romance, women's fiction, historical fiction. Does not handle children's or nonfiction.

The Peter Rubie Literary Agency. See Fine Print Literary Management.

Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency, Inc. -
"literary fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense, narrative nonfiction, biography, sports, politics, the short story as well as film" AAR. "We will respond if the query is of interest."

Rachel Vater (Folio Literary Management) -
Especially looking for books appealing to younger readers, from young teens to women in their early 30s. Edgy or funny young adult or middle grade books with a lyrical writing style or zingy tone. Fiction: Big mainstream and literary novels for all ages, from middle school readers to young adult to adult. Also represents fantasy novels, especially those that transcend the fantasy genre (like urban fantasy, women's fiction with paranormal elements, YA fantasy, and big commercial novels with a magical twist). For YA and younger readers, open to everything -- sweet love stories, funny mysteries, scary thrillers, high concept urban fantasy, well-researched historical novels, and mainstream edgy or glam... so long as the voice feels authentic and speaks to social pressures and desires that younger readers can relate to. For mainstream adult novels, loves character-driven stories with a great hook and beautiful writing -- or anything that makes me laugh. Nonfiction: Looking for narrative nonfiction (including true crime, memoir, and well-researched historical accounts), witty pop culture books, and smart women's prescriptive nonfiction (the savvy girls' guide to...) -- nonfiction books that a teen girl or professional woman with a good sense of humor would enjoy reading. NOT looking for super dark horror with graphic violence, category romance, memoirs or novels about surviving rape / cancer / child abuse, very hard SF, or fantasy with too many cliché elements

Jenny Rappaport (L. Perkins Agency).
Primarily represents science fiction and fantasy, horror, young adult fiction, and romance. Also represents some nonfiction material, but it's not her primary area. In terms of SFF, she likes almost all examples of the genre, even epic fantasy, but is very picky if something sounds cliched. Regarding horror, she tends to go more towards the darker, psychological side of things, and very firmly does not like splatterpunk. Represents all types of young adult fiction, but favorites are the ones that fall into the SFF or horror genres. Only looking for historical romances, as well as paranormal romances (contemporary or historical), women's fiction, historical novels. Does NOT represent picture books, most types of nonfiction, and anything religious in nature. Not fond of literary fiction.

Richard Curtis Associates Inc. -
We regret that at this time we are only considering non-fiction submissions from new authors. Due to unfavorable market conditions, the agency no longer reads fiction submissions by authors who have not been previously published by a bona fide publisher.Also, please note that we do not represent stage plays or screenplays, short fiction/non-fiction, poetry, children's books or young adult books.

Richard Henshaw Group -
Interested in mainstream and genre fiction including mysteries and thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, romance, historicals and literature. Interested in, but extremely selective of, horror and young adult. Generally speaking, a horror or young adult author should have previous publishing credits in their genre. Non-Fiction - Mainstream non-fiction including; business, celebrity biography, computers, current events, health, history, how-to, movies, popular culture, popular reference, popular science, psychology, self-help, and sports. Do NOT represent children's books, screenplays, short fiction, poetry, textbooks, scholarly works or coffee-table books.

Rosenberg Group (Barbara Collins Rosenberg)
Rosenberg Group - nonfiction proposals
Rosenberg Group - fiction proposals for "romance fiction; women's fiction and 'chick lit.'"

Sagalyn Literary Agency
Represents quality non-fiction and mainstream fiction. Does NOT represent romance, westerns and science fiction, poetry, children's books, or screenplays. E-query REQUIRED.

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
AAR. See site for specifics. Some agents accept e-subs. Doesn't respond to queries if no interest.

Sanford J Greenburger Associates, Inc. - an agents' collaborative. "PLEASE NOTE: The agency does not represent screenplays."

Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc.
Our list is eclectic and chaotic, rich and diverse, and there is no type of book that doesn’t interest us if it is first-rate. Query only. E-query OK.

Seymour Agency (Mary Sue Seymour)
50% nonfiction and 50% romance. Looking for any type of romance including historical, contemporary category, contemporary mainstream, suspense, paranormal, regency or inspirationa, mysteries of any type, nonfiction about real life heroes, prescriptive books, cookbooks, and basically any type of nonfiction by credentialed authors. Christian books of any type. Does not handle magazine articles, e-published or self-published books, general novels, children's books, poetry, short stories, New Age and books contradictory to fundamental Christian beliefs.
"Mary Sue is a spiritual person and often attempts to soften a rejection with a prayer card; if this would bother you, you may not want to query her."

Sobel Weber Associates - Nat Sobel and Judith Weber, principals.
* Short Story collections * General non-fiction * Novels (only adult trade books. Not looking for young adult novels or genre fiction, such as westerns, romances, or science fiction) * Cookbooks (No matter how good a cook you are, it is unlikely that publishers will be interested in a general collection of your recipes - unless you are a widely known celebrity or chef. Publishers will be as concerned about your visibility and ability to help promote a book as they are about the content of your proposed book. Do you teach cooking classes or publish articles in magazines? Have you appeared on television? As in the case of general non-fiction, most cookbooks are sold on propsal. Instead of a sample chapter, you'll need to include sample recipes - and make sure they are thoroughly tested! An interested editor may try a recipe or two.)

Solow Literary Enterprises, Inc.
Accepts non-fiction: health, business, science, education, finance, personal development, psychology, history, cultural studies, memoir, narrative non-fiction, reference, humor, fitness and spirituality.

Spectrum Literary Agency -
Handles both fiction and nonfiction works, though the majority of our clients write commercial fiction such as science fiction, fantasy, mystery/suspense, and romance (particularly paranormal and romantic suspense)

Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.
Represents a wide range of authors, including National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winners, New York Times bestsellers, literary and commercial novelists, politicians, journalists, scientists, and favorites in children's literature

Susan F Schulman Literary and Dramatic Agents, Inc.
General fiction, Juvenile fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Children's books, African-American, Women's Interests

Susan Rabiner Literary Agency -
"representing narrative nonfiction and big-idea books by scholars, public intellectuals, and established journalists - work that illuminates the past and the present in current affairs, history, the sciences, and the arts."

Talcott Notch Literary Service. (Milford, CT)
Fiction: Mystery, Suspense, Crime novels. Non-fiction. Biography, History, True Crime, Psychology and Self-Help, Health and Medicine, Parenting, How-To, Juvenile Nonfiction, Sports, Business and Finance

Ted Weinstein Literary Management -
Represents authors of intelligent, adult nonfiction. Particularly interested in narrative non-fiction, current affairs, politics, biography, history, business, science, technology, environment, pop culture, true crime, lifestyle, travel, self-help, health and medicine. "We do NOT represent fiction, stage plays, screenplays, poetry, or books for children or young adults" Initial contact by e-mail. NO PHONE. Does not accept submissions from prospective clients except by referral.

3 Seas Literary Agency.
Email queries ONLY. No attachments. No screenplays, novellas, or poetry. Specializes in romance (including category), erotica, Chick-Lit, young adult, children's stories, female-focused fantasy, paranormal, women's fiction, historicals, regencies, westerns, romantic suspense, mystery and thrillers. Also represents non-fiction and other fiction genres.

Trident Media Group, LLC.
Fiction and non-fiction. E-query or snail query.

2M Communications, Ltd.
Nonfiction only. "2M Communications only accepts queries from established ghostwriters, collaborators and editors. Must have experience in one of the following fields: business; film, music and television; health and fitness; medicine and psychology; parenting; politics; science; sport; true crime and the world of food." E-sub or snail-sub. Send introductory email: with an attached resume.

Venture Literary
E-query only. No unsolicited queries, proposals, submissions. specialize in non-fiction and fiction projects that coincide with our interests—sports, history, business, philanthropy, pop culture, and any narrative that fascinates us.

Victoria Sanders & Associates LLC -
Fiction and non-fiction. Always interested in new material whether it be memoir, commercial women's fiction, thrillers, humorous, moving or motivational. E-query only.

Wales Literary Agency -
Quality fiction and nonfiction. Do not represent self-help, children’s or YA fiction, or specifically religious books. Query first: e-mail or snail mail.

Waterside Productions -
Represents trade computer, business, psychology, health and wellness and general nonfiction books

Waxman Literary Agency -
Development-oriented firm, specializing in representing nonfiction and fiction authors with powerful stories.

Weed Literary -
Does not handle picture books, mysteries, thrillers, romance, military. E-mail one-page query letter. No attachments, unless requested. Does not respond if "a pass"

Paige Wheeler (Folio Literary Management) -
Fiction: All commercial fiction and Upscale (think book club) fiction, as well as women's fiction, romance (all types), mystery, thrillers, and psychological suspense. I enjoy both historical fiction as well as contemporary fiction, so do keep that in mind. Nonfiction: I'm looking for both narrative nonfiction and prescriptive nonfiction. I'm looking for books where the author has a huge platform and something new to say in a particular area. Some of the areas that I like are lifestyle, relationship, parenting, business (!), popular/trendy reference projects and women's issues. I’d like books that would be a good fit on the Today show. Not looking for: Fiction: children's, science fiction, fantasy. Nonfiction: academic nonfiction

WordServe Literary -
"Specializes in serving Christian authors who are seeking to be published either with a Christian publisher or in the general market. We represent books that have a Christian worldview." Rachelle Gardner BLOG

Writers House - "one of the largest literary agencies in the world"

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