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Mad Magazine
E-sub strongly preferred. Articles. Cover ideas. Anything you think is funny.
PAYS: "top rates" [OA]
Making Contact (NPR) PAYS: $175 for 7-10 min. edited segments. $150 for 5-6 mins
Marlin Magazine- saltwater marlin fishing PAYS:$$$ not specified
Massachusetts Review - Reading period. Fiction, articles, essays, poetry. PAYS: $0.35/line for poetry. $10 min. $50/essay or fiction
Massage Magazine PAYS: $50-$400
Memory Makers Magazine - scrapbooking PAYS: $$$ varies (currently not accepting submissions Jun 2008
Men of Integrity (Christianity Today) PAYS: $50/
The Mennonite PAYS: [not specified]
Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online PAYS: $$$ not specified
Midwest Today : all things mid-westeriana. PAYS: $$$ not specified
Modern Maturity - see AARP The Magazine (AARP) PAYS: min. $1/wd.
Moment Magazine:A Conversation on Jewish Politics, Culture & Religion PAYS: $$$ not specified
Montana Magazine PAYS: [not specified]
Mother Earth NewsPAYS: [unspecified]. E-sub OK.
Mother Jones - bimonthly.
E-query. Investigative journalism, social issues, public affairs, and popular culture.
PAYS: $$$ not specified.
E-subs. E-query. 500-2500 wds.
PAYS: Negotiable. Typical fee for 800-1K opinion piece $150; Reported news stories $250 and up
Mothering Magazine PAYS: $200-$500
MT - monitoring times - radio monitoring PAYS:$50/pg incl 3 illustr.
Museum - American Association of Museums PAYS: $$$ not specified
Mushing : The Magazine of Dog Powered Sports PAYS: [unspecified]
MyBusiness magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified
My Generation - see AARP The Magazine (AARP) PAYS: min. $1/wd.

The Nation PAYS: comment/$150; article/$350-$500
National Geographic Adventure magazine
E-query first. Clips. 600-800 wds. Columns 2-3K wds. Features 4-8K wds. From exciting travel destinations and outdoor pursuits to accounts of cutting-edge expeditions and profiles of modern-day explorers.
PAYS: $$$ not specified.
National Geographic Traveler PAYS: $$$ not specified
National Parks PAYS: $$$ not specified
Native Peoples magazine - bimonthly
E-query. Features 1200-2K wds. Need accompanying photos. Stories reflecting Native life throughout the Americas, from the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of Chile, though our prime focus is on subjects set in the United States.
PAYS: $0.25/wd. First rts. [OP]
New England Entertainment Digest PAYS: honorarium $15-$125/
New England Review - Middlebury College PAYS: [not specified]
New Jersey Outdoors Magazine PAYS: $100-$450/article
New Man Magazine - Christian. PAYS: [not specified]
New Mexico Magazine PAYS: roughly $0.35/wd
The New Writer - UK
Snail submission. Articles 500-1K wds. Features up to 2K wds. Fiction up to 4K wds. Any theme. Any genre.
PAYS: Nonfiction - 20/1K wds. Fiction - 10/story payable by credit voucher. Poetry 3/poem. [OP]
New York Review of Science Fiction PAYS: $10/reviews $25/features
The New Yorker Note: "The New Yorker does not accept submissions by mail or by fax."
Newsweek - My Turn essay e-sub OK. PAYS: $$$ not specified
North Coast Journal - Humboldt County, CA.
E-sub. Query. Humboldt County writers. No poetry. Commentary, columns, features.
PAYS: $50-$400
Northern Breezes: regional sailing magazine focusing on the Great Lakes and Midwest sailing community. E-sub OK. PAYS: $50-$150/article
Notre Dame magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified
Nuts & Volts magazine PAYS: $100/page w/ $450 maximum [AP]

ODYSSEY (10-16yo readers) - Cobblestone Publ. PAYS: $0.20-$0.25/wd
Ohio Magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified
Okanogan Life [PDF] [magazine] PAYS: $0.20-25/wd
Oklahoma Today Magazine PAYS: $25-$50 shorts up to $300+ features
On Spec [PDF] - the Canadian magazine of the fantastic
NO E-SUBS. Needs original, unpublished speculative fiction (SF) up to 6K wds and poetry.
PAYS: CDN$ Fiction $50-$180. Poems: 4-100 lines $20 + 1 copy. Short-short stories (under 1000 words) $50 + 1 copy. FNASR. [OA]
Orato: True Stories from Real People PAYS: [not specified]
Oregon Quarterly PAYS: $100-$350 [OA]
Our Little Friend & Primary Treasure - 7th Day Adventist Sunday School newsletters PAYS: $25-$50
Outdoor America Magazine- Izaak Walton League PAYS: $1000-$1500 for feature stories (2K-3K wds)
Outdoor California - California's wildlife and wildlands
Bi-monthly. No more than 1500-2500 wds. Query. Submit hardcopy.
PAYS: $100-$200. One-time rts. [POSTP]
Outdoor Photographer -
demystify the use of modern equipment by emphasizing practical use of the camera in the field, highlighting the technique rather than the technical.
PAYS: $$$ not specified. Buys one-time rts for print and on Web site as part of permanent archive. [POSTP]
Outside Magazine PAYS: [not specified]
OutSmart - Houston PAYS: $0.05/wd or $40 for short and $75-$150 for features [OP]
Oxford American PAYS: varies

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Abbreviation cheat sheet
  • CDN$ - Canadian $$
  • FER - First Electronic Rights
  • FNASR - First North American Serial Rights
  • FRSR - First Regional Serial Rights
  • FWR- First World Rights
  • H - horror
  • IRC - International Reply Coupon (used in lieu of stamps for submissions out-of-country)
  • K - thousand. i.e. 3K=3,000
  • MYS - mystery
  • OA - pays on acceptance
  • OP - pays on publication (or soon thereafter)
  • POSTP - pays after publication
  • pp - pages
  • SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
  • SFF - Science Fiction & Fantasy or Speculative Fiction & Fantasy
  • wds - words

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