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The 3rd Alternative
modern dark fantasy and horror, as well as borderline material that uses genre elements with a relatively mainstream sensibility
PAYS: UK£££ not specified.
5280 Magazine - Denver PAYS: $200-$400 depts $500-$1000 features
5678 Dance Quarterly. PAYS: $35-$100/features. All rts. E-sub. [OP]
9-1-1 magazine - bimonthly magazine for the public safety communications industry
E-sub OK. Query preferred. 1K-2500 wd articles, accompanied by photographs. Product-related, technical, operational, and people-oriented stories, covering the skills, training, and equipment which these professions all share in common. No poetry, fiction.
PAYS: Features $0.10-$0.20/wd. $50/column. FNASR. [OP]

AARP The Magazine (AARP) PAYS: min. $1/wd. [OA] Kill fee.
Abilities Magazine PAYS: CDN$50-$350 honorarium. 1st rts.
Absolute Magnitude - Quarterly science fiction magazine.
1K-25K wds. 3K-8K wds best. NO E-SUBS.
PAYS: $0.02-$0.06/wd. FNASR [OP]
Action Pursuit Games Magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified. NEED PHOTOS. [OP]
ADDitude magazinelifestyle and self-help publication written primarily for parents of children with ADD and adults with ADD.
2K wds or less. PAYS: varies [OP]
Adirondack Sports & Fitness PAYS: $0.10/wd [OP]
Adoptive Families Magazine PAYS: varies
Adventure Kayak [PDF] [MAG]
PAYS: up to $0.20/wd [POSTP] FNASR and web archive
Air and Space (Smithsonian)
PAYS: Depts (except for Soundings and Reviews) $500-$1000.
Soundings/Reviews: $150-$300.
Feature articles (2500 wds): $1000-$2500
Air Line Pilot - ALPA membership magazine PAYS: $100-$500 for features [OA]
AirLines magazine in-flight for WestJet PAYS: CDN$0.35/wd
Alaska magazine Query first. E-sub OK. PAYS: $0.38/wd [OP]
AlbertaViews - culture, politics and economy of Alberta. PAYS: $.20 to $.50 CDN
Alfred Hitchcock's Murder Magazine
Snail sub only. Mysteries. Prefers <14K wds.
PAYS: $$ not specified.
AMC Outdoors (Appalachian Mountain Club) PAYS: $200-$400/news and sidebars $500-$800/features
American Falconry E-sub OK. PAYS: $50+/
American Girl - bimonthly No e-sub. PAYS: $$$ not specified
AFJ - American Farriers Journal PAYS: $$$ not specified. [OP]
American Profile:celebrating hometown life PAYS: $$$ "varies widely"
American School Board Journal PAYS: $$$ not specified. Buys all rts.
American Style -contemporary craft collectors and enthusiasts. E-sub. PAYS: $$$ not specified. FNASR. [OP]
American Wholesale Marketers Association | DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS E-sub. PAYS: $0.50/wd for experienced writers. Less for new writers.
Analog - science fiction & fact. prefers 2K-7K for SS, 10K-20K for novelettes, 40K-80K for serials
PAYS: $0.06-$0.08/wd for stories up to 7500 wds.
$450-$600 for 7500-10K wds
$0.05-$0.06/wd for longer material
Fact articles $0.06/wd
Angels on Earth: true stories about God's messengers at work in today's world PAYS: $100-$400 [OA] and scheduled for publ.
AOPA Pilot E-sub OK. PAYS: $$$ not specified [OA]
Apogee Photo Magazine PAYS: $0.10/wd up to $150
Archaeology Magazine E-sub OK. PAYS: $100 (short news article) up to $1500 (feature).
Arizona Highways - monthly.
E-query first. Features 1200-1800 wds. Depts. Travel stories.
PAYS: Departments - $50-$900. Features - 1200-1800wds. Travel/cover/lead features $1/wd. Other features $0.55-$0.75/wd - $1/wd. First rts. [OA]
Art Calendar - nuts-and-bolts, practical articles for serious visual artists PAYS: $150/ $75/reprint
Arthritis Today - fr the Arthritis Foundation. PAYS: $$$ not specified
Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Information PAYS: $$$ not specified
The Artist's Magazine -
Query in advance. Nuts-and bolts, instructional resource for the working artist in search of artistic and professional success. 1200-2200 wds.
PAYS: $400/article usually.
ascent magazine, expanding the mind of yoga [PDF] [MAG]E-sub. PAYS: ~ CDN$0.10-$0.20/wd [OP]
Asian Diver PAYS: SIN$0.20/wd
Asimov's Science Fiction Buys FNASR. [OA]
PAYS: $0.06/wd up to 7500 wds
$0.05/wd for stories > 12500 wds.
$450/ for stories 7500-12500 wds. -
Query. Needs insightful and practical articles that can potentially help men. Buys all rights.
PAYS: $50/
Atlantic Monthly
Aurealis SF & F E-sub OK. PAYS: AUS$20-AUS$60/1000 wds. First Australian Serial Rights. [POSTP]
Azizah Magazine - for the contemporary Muslim woman. E-sub. PAYS: $$$ rates vary. [OA]

Back To College - for re-entry students
E-subs. Queries OK. Prefer complete article. 1250-1500 wds.
PAYS: $60-$85 FSR and rts to use article later. [POSTP]
Snail sub. Prefers queries. Departments. Features.
PAYS: $.60 to $1/wd. All rts. [OA]
Backwoods Home Magazine
Country oriented "how to" magazine. NO E-SUBS.
PAYS: $30-200/article.
Baja Life Magazine E-sub OK. PAYS: $0.10/wd [OP]
The Bark Magazine - quarterly dog magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified [OP]
Bay Nature
Quarterly. San Francisco Bay. 1K-3500 wds.
PAYS: Varies. [POSTP]
Bead & Button [PDF] PAYS: $$$ not specified [OA]
Beadwork [PDF] PAYS: $$$ not specified. FNASR
Bear Deluxe - celebrates the big tent theory of literary arts
Twice/year. Features, fiction, essay, poetry.
PAYS: $10/poem $0.05/wd/other. First rights.
The Beaver: Canada's National History Society [PDF] [MAG] PAYS: CDN$$$ not specified
Better Health magazine PAYS: $250-$700 [OA]
Bird Watcher's Digest E-sub OK. PAYS: $$$ not specified
Black Gate - quarterly. epic fantasy. E-subs OK. NO ATTACHMENTS. FNASR and e-rts. [OA]
PAYS: $0.03-$0.06/wd. for fiction up to 6K wds
$180 - $280 for fiction 7K-14K wds
$280-$480 for all greater lengths
$0.03/wd for all non-fiction.
Black October Magazine: The Magazine of Dark and Unusual Horror PAYS: $0.05/wd and up
Blue & Gray magazine - popular approach to Civil War history PAYS: $50-$250 [OP]
Blueridge Country - embracing the feel and spirit of the Blue Ridge region
Bimonthly. 750-2500 wds. Online submission.
PAYS: $25 (for dept shorts) to $250. FNASR. [OP]
Boston Review. FIC & NFIC. Poetry. PAYS: $$$ not specified. FSR.
Boys' Quest PAYS: min $0.05/wd. FIC/NFIC. 500wds. RTS: First Am. serial rts. [OP]
British Columbia Magazine PAYS: CDN$0.50/wd [OA] RTS: First Worldwide Print
Bud Life: The only marijuana magazine bringing you the stories of other pot smokers and smugglers E-subs highly encouraged. PAYS: $50-$100 [OP] Buys all rts.
The Bugle (The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) PAYS: $0.20/wd [OA]
Byline Magazine - the best little writers magazine in America!
Fiction, features, departments, end piece, poetry. NO E-SUBS.
PAYS: Fiction-$100. Features-$75. End piece-$35. Departments-$15-$25. Poetry-$10. FNASR. [OA]

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Abbreviation cheat sheet
  • CDN$ - Canadian $$
  • FER - First Electronic Rights
  • FNASR - First North American Serial Rights
  • FRSR - First Regional Serial Rights
  • FWR- First World Rights
  • H - horror
  • IRC - International Reply Coupon (used in lieu of stamps for submissions out-of-country)
  • K - thousand. i.e. 3K=3,000
  • MYS - mystery
  • OA - pays on acceptance
  • OP - pays on publication (or soon thereafter)
  • POSTP - pays after publication
  • pp - pages
  • SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
  • SFF - Science Fiction & Fantasy or Speculative Fiction & Fantasy
  • wds - words

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