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Paddler Magazine PAYS: $0.15-$0.25/wd. PP
Paint Horse Journal PAYS: $35-$150/filler and short articles $150-$500/feature articles
Paintball Magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified NEED PHOTOS
Parade Magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified
Parents' Press: parents & expectant parents in the SF Bay Area PAYS: $100 to $500. PP
Parents /and/ PAYS: $$$ not specified. No unsolicited fiction or poetry. No e-sub.
Pedestal Magazine promoting diversity and celebrating the voice of the individual.
PAYS: $30/poem. Fiction: $0.05/wd up to 6K wds. FlashFiction: $0.05/wd up to 1K wds.
Note reading periods. Sim-subs OK. No reprints.Submission form online.
Pen Computing Magazine PAYS: $0.10-$.40/wd $100-$500/features
Pentecostal Evangel PAYS: up to $0.08/wd FNASR or SNASR plus nonexclusive reprint rts and electronic reproduction. [OA] No poetry.
Perdido - Leadership with a conscience PAYS: $0.05-$0.07/wd. [OP] Buys first rights. 1500-5K wds.
Pittsburgh Magazine (WQED) PAYS: $300+ "work for hire" No e-queries.
Ploughshares - literary PAYS: $25/printed page, $50 min/title, $250 max/author.No e-subs.
Pockets - wholesome devotional readings for 6-12 yr olds PAYS: $0.12/wd Poetry: $25/up
Police Times (American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens) up to 2500 wds PAYS: $25-$100/article including photos [OA]
Popular Mechanics PAYS: $300-$1000
Popular Woodworking Magazine PAYS: $150+/page
Prarie Messenger - religious news PAYS: $50CDN/
Praries North: Saskatchewan's Life MagazinePAYS: CDN$0.25/wd. On publication
Preaching PAYS: $10-$50/
Pregnancy PAYS: Varies. Purchases all rts. [OP] E-queries preferred.
Pregnancy & Baby -- see Coincide Media
Pyramid (Steve Jackson Games) - all aspects of adventure gaming. E-sub. Features. Reviews. PAYS: $0.03/wd. Reviews $25/ All e-rts. [PP]

QSR Magazine - quick service restaurant. PAYS: $$$ not specified. All rts. within 30d of acceptance.
The Quilter Magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified. [OP] No fiction. No poetry. No e-sub.

The Rake - general interest magazine of stories, essays, reportage, humor -- for people who live, work, and play in the Twin Cities. PAYS:$$$ not specified. FWorldwideSR.
Range: the cowboy spirit on America's outback - PAYS: $50-$400/article. FNASR. May buy reprints. No e-subs.
Rapid Magazine[PDF] [MAG]. whitewater freeboating. E-query. PAYS: up to $0.20/wd. FNASR.
Reader's Digest - jokes PAYS: $100-$300
Reader's Digest Canada PAYS: $$$ not specified
Realms of Fantasy Bimonthly. 10K wds max. PAYS: $0.05+/wd if <7500 wds. Wds >7500 wds paid @ $0.03/wd. i.e. 10Kwds = $400. No e-subs.
Reason. E-subs OK. Prefers broad-minded libertarian perspective. PAYS: Varies. [OA]
Redbook - Nonfiction PAYS: $$$ not specified
RefereePAYS: $0.05-$0.10/wd
Reform Judaism Magazine PAYS: $0.30/wd [POSTP]
Religion Teacher's Journal[RCatholic] E-sub OK. 1300 wds max
Relix Magazine - Deadhead PAYS: $$$ not specified
Renaissance Magazine - Renaissance and Middle Ages PAYS:$0.08/wd [OP]
Road & Travel E-sub OK. PAYS: byline only and up to $100
Road King magazine - bimonthly, lifestyle-oriented magazine written for over-the-road truck drivers PAYS: $$$ not specified. Query first.
Rock and Ice - rock climbing/ice climbing/more PAYS: $$$ not specified.
Rosebud : short stories, essays, poetry PAYS: $25. No $$$ for poetry. Charges $1/submission fee for prose.
RunningTimes PAYS: $$$ not specified. E-sub. [OP]
Rutgers Magazine PAYS: $$$ not specified. E-sub

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Abbreviation cheat sheet
  • CDN$ - Canadian $$
  • FER - First Electronic Rights
  • FNASR - First North American Serial Rights
  • FRSR - First Regional Serial Rights
  • FWR- First World Rights
  • H - horror
  • IRC - International Reply Coupon (used in lieu of stamps for submissions out-of-country)
  • K - thousand. i.e. 3K=3,000
  • MYS - mystery
  • OA - pays on acceptance
  • OP - pays on publication (or soon thereafter)
  • POSTP - pays after publication
  • pp - pages
  • SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
  • SFF - Science Fiction & Fantasy or Speculative Fiction & Fantasy
  • wds - words

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