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Absinthe Literary Review PAYS: on hiatus
Albedo One - SFF/H. Ireland.
Snail sub only. Interviews. Short stories. Prefer between 2-6K wds. No simultaneous submissions. No previously published.
PAYS: 3 euro/K wds[OP] plus copy. - SFF
Antioch Review articles, fiction, poetry PAYS: $15/printed page (~ 425 wds)
Aoife's Kiss - Fantasy, SF, horror, sword & sorcery.
Quarterly. SS, poetry. Original stories up to 3K wds. Reprints.
PAYS: $0.0025/wd with $6 min. Flash fiction $3. [OP]
Brain Child - the magazine for thinking mothers
E-sub. Simultaneous submissions OK. Personal essays, features, fiction, more.
PAYS: as much as we can
Cafe Irreal - fantastic fiction Quarterly. PAYS: $0.01/wd ($2 min.) for first-time electronic rts. Up to 2K wds.
The Comics Journal PAYS: $0.04/wd
Elbow Creek Magazine -
Stories, articles, poetry. American West, primarily the 1800s.
PAYS: $20/item for exclusive 120d rts.
The Fifth Dimension - science fiction and fantasy
E-subs. Quarterly. Fiction must be SF or fantasy. NO HORROR. up to 7500 wds. Poetry - SF or fantasy. NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBS. NO REPRINTS.
PAYS: $7/story $5/poem. 1st rts. [OP]
The First Line PAYS: $20/fictioin $10/nonfiction
History's Women An Online Magazine PAYS: $10/article
Life123 Pay not specified, but pays.
Lost Treasure PAYS: not specified
The Martian Wave
Quarterly. Theme: Exploration and colonization of our solar system. up to 7500 wds. Poetry must be related to theme. NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBS. NO REPRINTS.
PAYS: $0.005/wd 1st rts. [OP]
miller's pond poetry magazine PAYS: $2/poem
Mythic Delerium
SF, fantasy, horror and cross-genre poetry. Overstocked. Closed to submissions Aug 2008. Check back.
Pale Fire Fiction - original fiction, specializing in fantasy and science fiction!
E-sub only.
PAYS: $10/story
Premonitions - science fiction horror stories and genre poetry - UK
Snail subs. Short stories (500-5K wds)
PAYS: (minimum) £5 or $5 per 1,000+ words + copy of the magazine FBSR [OP]. No pay for poetry, short fiction.
REALbasic Developer PAYS: $0.03/wd $50/column $25/review [OP]
Small Farm Today® magazine PAYS: $0.035/wd FSR [POSTP]
Space & Time - bi-annual magazine of SF&F
Reading periods. Check! PAYS: $0.01/wd ($5 min). FNASR. [OA] and [OP] depending on cash-flow.
Spirit-Led PAYS: $20/article
Star*Line - newsletter of the Science Fiction Poetry Association
PAYS: Poems 10 lines or less, $3; poems 11 to 50 lines, $5; poems over 50 lines, ten cents per line rounded to the next dollar (e.g., a 51-line poem would pay $6, a 91-line poem, $10).$ FNASR [POSTP]
Talebones SF & dark fantasy. PAYS: $10/poetry. $0.01-$0.02/wd. FNASR.
Tales of the Unanticipated -
Snail-sub. SF F horror. Reading periods. DO NOT SEND outside of window, without sending query first.
PAYS: $0.01-$0.015/wd for fiction and essays. FNASR.
Trips and Journeys. Online. Travel articles. PAYS: $20/features. $15/shorter pieces. $10/Smart and More if unaccompanied by photos. Nonexclusive electronic rts.
World's Best New Age Auction Magazine PAYS: $2/article $1/poem

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Abbreviation cheat sheet
  • CDN$ - Canadian $$
  • FER - First Electronic Rights
  • FNASR - First North American Serial Rights
  • FRSR - First Regional Serial Rights
  • FWR- First World Rights
  • H - horror
  • IRC - International Reply Coupon (used in lieu of stamps for submissions out-of-country)
  • K - thousand. i.e. 3K=3,000
  • MYS - mystery
  • OA - pays on acceptance
  • OP - pays on publication (or soon thereafter)
  • POSTP - pays after publication
  • pp - pages
  • SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
  • SFF - Science Fiction & Fantasy or Speculative Fiction & Fantasy
  • wds - words

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