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Eating Well - the magazine of food and health
Quarterly. Query first. No e-query. Features 1,500-3K wds. Depts 200-500 wds.
PAYS: Features $1-$1.50/wd. Recipes $100-$175 Depts $150-$200. FNASR. Nonexclusive rt to reuse material w/ add'l payment. [paym't time varies]
EcoTravel E-sub, e-query OK. PAYS: $$$ not specified
The Edge - fiction, features, interviews, reviews. - UK
Snail submission. SS to 2K wds. Features/interviews 2K-20K wds.
PAYS: Negotiable (up to 50 per 1000 words). [OP]
Elks Magazine 1500-2500 wds. Prefers complete mss. PAYS: $0.20/wd [OA]
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Snail sub only. Mysteries of all sorts. 250-12K wds. Preferred length. 2,500-8K wds. No USA reprints.
Ephemera E-sub OK. PAYS: $50 on acceptance for exclusive rights for quips for buttons
Escapees magazine - RV life [PDF] [magazine] PAYS: for feature articles only. Pay varies. <$150 [OP]
ESSENCE - the magazine for African-American and Caribbean women Query. No e-query. PAYS: $$$ not specified
Event: the Douglas College Review - mainly fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. PAYS: CDN$22/printed page, with a mininum of CDN$25 and a maximum of CDN$500. FNASR. [OP]
Exchange & Outlook Administrator up to 2000 wds. PAYS: based on the author's writing experience and the quality of the article submitted

Faces:the magazine about people (Cobblestone) PAYS: $0.20-$0.25/wd. Buys all rights.
Faith Today - Evangelical Fellowship of Canada 800-1750 wds E-query. PAYS: CDN$0.15-$0.30/wd
Family Chronicle: for families researching their roots PAYS: ... not less than US$55/page 1st world serial rts. [before pub]
Family Digest - smarter, healthier, happier families
E-sub. E-Query first with clips. 1-2Kwds. A magazine for Black Moms/Female heads-of-household.
PAYS: $$ varies. [OP]
Family Tree Magazine Query. PAYS: Rates vary widely depending on difficulty of assignment. [OA] First rts & online rts.
Fantastic Stories of the Imagination - quarterly SFF magazine
Also poetry. 2K-15K wds. 4K-5K wds avg. NO E-SUBS.
PAYS: $0.01-$0.05/wd. $1/line for poems. FNASR.
Fantasy & Science Fiction PAYS: $0.06-$0.09/wd [OA] No simultaneous or e-submissions.
FATE magazine PAYS: $0.10/wd All rts. [POSTP]
Firehouse Magazine Query first. PAYS: $$$ not specified [OP]
Fishnet - erotic fiction
E-sub. max 8K wds
PAYS: $0.04/wd [OA]
quarterly. E-subs. Flash (less than 1000 words in length) fiction, nonfiction, plays, poetry.
PAYS: $5-$25. rts, archive rts, CD rts. [OA]
Flight Journal - Rare aircraft, extraordinary people and remarkable stories.
E-sub OK. Query. 2500-3K wds. Aviation-oriented material, for the most part with a historical overtone. NOT GENERAL AVIATION.
PAYS: $600+/article.
FolksOnLine PAYS: $50-$100
Forest Magazine PAYS: $0.30/wd base rate. [OP] Wants written queries. FNASR & e-rts.
Fortean Bureau - explaining the unexplainable. E-sub. up to 4000 wds PAYS: $0.03/wd up to max $60/story [OP]
Friction Zone - East - your motorcycle lifestyle magazine
E-sub. Query.
PAYS: $0.20/wd up to max $300 [OP] FNASR
Friction Zone - West - your motorcycle lifestyle magazine
E-sub. Query.
PAYS: $0.20/wd up to max $300 [OP] FNASR
The Front Porch - "where people share life"
Monthly. Nonfiction manuscripts. E-sub OK.
PAYS: $50-$75, depending on dept. FNASR [OP]
fRoots Magazine: the world's leading roots, world music and folk monthly. PAYS: UK££ "enquire for our pathetic rates" not specified E-query OK. PAYS: $0.10/wd [OA] one-time rts
Funny Times
No e-subs. Must be funny.
PAYS: $60/story One-time rts. [OP]
FUSE - artworks and cultural events in terms of the relationship between political issues and contemporary culture - PAYS: $0.10/wd [OP]

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Abbreviation cheat sheet
  • CDN$ - Canadian $$
  • FER - First Electronic Rights
  • FNASR - First North American Serial Rights
  • FRSR - First Regional Serial Rights
  • FWR- First World Rights
  • H - horror
  • IRC - International Reply Coupon (used in lieu of stamps for submissions out-of-country)
  • K - thousand. i.e. 3K=3,000
  • MYS - mystery
  • OA - pays on acceptance
  • OP - pays on publication (or soon thereafter)
  • POSTP - pays after publication
  • pp - pages
  • SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
  • SFF - Science Fiction & Fantasy or Speculative Fiction & Fantasy
  • wds - words

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