Nonprofit Organization Links & Links for Nonprofit Organizations
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Unclassified [Index]
123Signup - Online Event Registration and Membership Management Software
Charity Focus - helping others help others

On Nonprofits [Index]
Carter McNamara - Free Management Library(SM) - "Complete, highly integrated library of resources for nonprofit AND for-profit businesses"
Chronicle of Philanthropy - Internet Resources for people in the nonprofit world
GuideStar - Articles for nonprofits
Interactive Knowledge for Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide
Internet Nonprofit Center - The Nonprofit FAQ
Nonprofit Genie - Links to nonprofit web sites, management assistance and more
The Nonprofit Matrix - your online guide to commercial ASP and portal providers for the nonprofit sector
Zimmerman Lehman - Articles for Nonprofits

Fundraising [Index]
Association of Fundraising Professionals - resource center, publications, more. a website design guide for online fundraisers
Internet Nonprofit Center - Resources for Fundraising Online
Internet Resources - Grant & Proposal Writing
Thomas Raffa & Robert J. Cocchiaro - Managing Financial Uncertainty - PDF file
United Cerebral Palsy Association, Greater Utica (NY) Area - Fund Raising/Resource Development

Magazines and Periodicals [Index]
Association Meetings magazine
Executive Update: the magazine for savvy association professionals
Guidestar Newsletter archives

Meeting Planning [Index] - the global meeting industry directory
Corbin Ball Associates - Meetings Technology Tool Chest links and more

Starting a Nonprofit [Index]
Carter McNamara - Starting a Nonprofit Organization
Internet Nonprofit Center - Starting a Nonprofit - FAQ | E-mail | Who is Sal Towse?

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