Homeschooling Links & Links for Homeschoolers


Connie Dunn - Erin J's Home School Site
Kentucky Migrant Technology Project
TJ's Ed Web
TJ's homeschooling links

On Homeschooling & Resources

Karl M. Bunday - Learn in Freedom
Peggy J Farber - The New Face of Homeschooling
Beverly S. Krueger - Eclectic Homeschool Online
Eclectic Homeschool Online - How To
Family Unschoolers Network
Home Education Magazine - Homeschooling Information and Resource Pages
National Center for Home Education
National Home Education Network
Oak Meadow Online School - Homeschooling References/Links

Starting Homeschooling

Karl M. Bunday - How to Get Started in Home-Schooling
How To Start Homeschooling
OFTP - Homeschooling FAQs
The Homeschool Highway to Learning" - designed to help new homeschooler find resources


Home School Legal Defense Association - law, headlines, local organizations

Networking & Connections

Homeschooling E-mail Interest Groups
Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet
Home Education Mailing List [home-ed]
Home Education Magazine
Homeschool Fun! - online magazine - Free Newsletter - archives - Networking

Associations & Organizations

California Homeschool Network
Christian Home Educators of Vermont
Homeschool Associations and Organizations - classified by state
Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents
Wisconsin Parents Association


Grade school

High school

GED practice exam

Reference & Research

American Library Association - Great Web Sites for Kids
Reference Resources from - children's educational web site

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